Mistletoe Bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. Lush Christmas 2016!

Mistletoe Bath bomb is a brand new bomb to the Lush Christmas range 2016!

This bath bomb is mainly a pink bomb with green “mistletoe” patterns on the top and bottom. 

Lush describe this bomb as;

Don’t get caught under the mistletoe this Christmas; pop it straight in the bath and leap in! A dizzyingly romantic, sweet-as-kisses bundle of heady jasmine and sultry vetivert begin your festive romance. As floral layers of colour fizz away they conjure up a nostalgic fairy tale fragrance that’s sure to sweep you off your feet.
At first smell I absolutely loved this bath bomb. With the floral layers of ylang-ylang oils and  jasmine absolute this almost gives you a vanilla flower smell. I found it to be a sweet and creamy scent. It’s definitely not over powering in the floral fragrance.

Once this is placed into the water the beautiful bright pink foam explodes from the sides. This isn’t a fast fizzer, and creates a beautiful blanket of creamy foam on top of the water. Once the water has taken hold of the bomb the green starts to fizz away. 

Now once in the water the scent kind of disappeared. It was quite disappointing because out of the water it really does smell lovely. And it doesn’t really stick around in the tub for a while either. 

One thing I do like about this bomb is the beautiful bath art you can create. Because of the frothy bubbles it sits perfect in the water.

The water turns a lovely light pink!

I will be honest I don’t think I will be re buying this bomb but I am so glad I managed to try it this year. 

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here.

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Enjoy !!

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Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Lush Christmas 2016!

Wow!!! What can I say about this bath bomb!! This is a reformulated bomb in this year’s lush Christmas range. And it’s miles apart from the original. 

Last year’s shoot for the stars bomb was different colours from blue, yellow, white. And had a shooting star embedded on the top. 

As you can see the look is totally different this year. Originally it created a different array of colours and left the water a deep purple colour. 

With the new bomb it’s dark blue all the way through with beautiful golden stars embedded in the top. The stars are in fact bath melts which create extra softness in your water and skin. 

As soon as I smelt this bomb the sweet caramel scent hit me. It’s a beautiful warming smell and perfect for a cold winters night. 

As soon as this is placed into the water the dark blue foam bursts out from the sides! It Instantly Fills Your Tub With The Prettiest Blue Water! This Bomb Is a fast fizzer but not too fast. As it fizzes away you will see that the embedded gold stars are lovely chunks of Cocoa butter covered in the gold lustre . These take a while to melt into your bath and you can see them slowly dissolving into the water. 

As you can see the mixture of the fold lustre stars and blue bomb the water is amazing!!! It reminds me of mermaid water. The butters leave the water feeling super silky and gives you the most silky smooth skin! You may think the stars will leave your skin feeling super greasy but I found them just the right amount to leave it lovely and nourished . 

The scent also sticks with you for hours ! Stays in the bathroom and to your skin until the next day. This bomb is the perfect little treat without having to eat anything. It definitely kerbs your sweet cravings. This new shoot for the stars bomb is the perfect new reformulation to the lush Christmas range.

You can purchase these from the lush website. 

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here.

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Enjoy !!

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Banana Bread Sugar Whip by BathBakesCo !

They have only gone and done it again. I mean come on ladies are you genius or what? 

I absolutely adore this. I even wanted to eat the banana off the top (dried banana). I am blown away everytime I open my goodies from Sara-Meg. I have to say though this and the apple Crumble bath desert they created are now my all time favourites  (a long with banoffee pie bath cream) . 

Some of you may be wondering if this smells like the banoffee pie bath cream but it doesn’t. There is a clear difference between them both. Obviously they both have the sweet banana smell. But with the banana bread sugar whip the added extra delight is the fresh, nutty, fluffy warm, spicy bread smell. Now my family absolutely adore freshly made banana bread. I always use Cinnamon and sugar in mine and this smells exactly like that!

Beautiful, creamy, buttery, sweet, velvety, frothy soap with the added benefit of the fine sugar. There is just enough to get the perfect exfoliation. Perfectly gentle ton use on your face and sensitive skin. 

When I used this my little girl instantly said that the bathroom smelt amazing. She instantly wanted to know what I had used! My husband fell in love too!!!

This is another limited edition product from BathBakesCo and they have now sold out. This was an extremely popular product.

Head over to BathBakesCo on Etsy to check out there full range.

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Moon On a Stick bath bomb. lush Kitchen 2016.

Right from the start of this blog I am going to be honest. I have never heard of this bath bomb?! Moon on a stick?!? I have had to read up about how this bomb came about and why everyone is so in love with it. 

Lush’s Description:  We get a lot of letters and forum posts like this: “Dear Lush, Please make us a Comforter scented body lotion and a Honey I Washed the Kids shampoo and an American Cream perfume and…and…and” – you get the picture. What do you want from us? The f**king moon on a stick?! Well – ta dah! Here it is!!! Rowan came up with the brilliant suggestion for Jack to make one of his magical, multi-layered bath ballistics in the shape of a moon, full of sparkly knicker wasps and smelling exquisitely of fragrant lilies (if you like Lily Savon and Ghost, then this is the bath ballistic for you…) So now you really can have it all – including the moon on a stick.
And that’s how moon on a stick was created! I have read a few posts saying this is the “” best bath bomb ever made””” it changes the colour of the bath 3 times” . Now as this is my own opinion of this bath bomb is hope I don’t offend any moon lovers by saying this but it’s not the best bath bomb they have ever made and it doesn’t change the colour of the water 3 times. Now I don’t know if they were different when they  were first made but this bomb wasn’t all I was expecting . 

Now it looks incredible ! I mean a bath bomb on a stick!!!! who thinks to put a stick inside eh? Also don’t let the outside colour put you off. It may look grey and not appealing but it is what’s inside that counts.  

As soon as you open the his you will be blown away with the intensity of the floral fragrance. Lily is very noticeable. A lot of people have said this smells like ghost SG but I have never smelt it. IIf you love floral smells this is for you. 

Now once it’s placed into the water it does start off looking boring. Simple grey frothy bubbles spill out from all around the bath bomb. You can instantly see that this is quite a slow foamy fizz. Now in one of mine the stick had already come out but it will obviously fall out after the bomb starts to fizz away! 

After a few seconds you will see a light blue colour emerge from the inside . Then after a few seconds this then changes to a darker blue/// purple foam . It’s a very subtle colour and not bright or doesn’t have that wow factor . 

It’s very pretty and also has the added extra of fine lustre which gives your skin a little bit of glitter . 

This took around 5 minutes to fully fizz away into the water. The water turned a pale blue colour and stayed that colour throughout . 

The smell stuck around for ages though. I was very impressed that it stuck around for so long. It certainly made you feel lovely and fresh! I can still smell it in my bathroom the morning after! 

I am glad I got to try this bomb but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get more. In my opinion Lush have much better, nicer looking (in the water) bath bombs out at the moment (even all year). I do like the quirky side of this bomb. I feel that this is more of a unique, novelty bomb which of why it’s so popular !

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click on this link. This will take you to my YouTube channel . 

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Spiced Latte bath creamer by BathBakesCo!

I am beginning to really love autumn months. One of the reasons why is because of the amazing bath products that are coming put this year! As you know BathBakesCo is a firm favourite of mine and a couple of weeks ago along with the apple Crumble bath desert they created the spiced Latte bath creamer. 

Now I have used a lot of products from this company and I will never stop! These bath creamers are amazing. Designed to be so unique and you can pretty much use it for anything  (apart from eating).

This creamer is one of the more subtle scents. Definitely one for a cold autumn night. Again the tub was filled to the brim with fluffy, creamy bath creamer. Lightly whipped soap which smells lovely. 

This smell is a beautiful soft, vanilla, spicy smell. The latte mixture is a gentle smell and when mixed with of all the sweet comforting goodness is enough to make you feel all warm inside. 

I have recently discovered that all the bath creamers can be used for another purpose. Now I was in the bath and forgot to grab my shampoo and I only had my bath creamer to hand. I thought why not and scooped out a good size amount and leathered up my hair. I was instantly impressed. It created thick soapy lather all over my hair. And the best thing is, it left my hair smelling incredible!!!! I’d recommend everyone to try at least one of the creamers as shampoo! 

Spiced Latte is a simple yet beautiful pot of goodness. 

This was created as a limited product by BathBakesCo. And unfortunately can’t be purchased any more. But fear not. They have recently launched thier brand new “Sugar and Spice” range which is now in their etsy shop. (Click link above). I have a few items coming and I literally cannot wait! I kinda wish I had ordered the new body glaze too! 

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Autumn Leaf bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. Lush Halloween 2016!

Here is another limited edition product from the amazing Lush. I have to say I was seriously loosing the love for lush until their new Halloween and Christmas range was launched!! 

The Autumn leaf bath bomb is a very unique bomb. In a beautiful shape as a leaf with layers of different colours which instantly remind you of the trees changing. Green, yellow and orange all pressed together to create a stunning array of colour. 

These are priced at £3.75 each and I have to say these are definitely worth it. 

In this bomb there is neroli oil, sandlewood oil, Japanese maple sap and bergamot oil. This mixture of oils definitely warm up the cold nights. Creating a lovely blanket over your skin. 

As soon as this is placed into the water each of the colours burst out from underneath. The yellows, green and oranges create stunning foamy bubbles across your tub! This isn’t a fast fizzer and it slowly melts away. To me this doesn’t smell overly earthy but does have a crisp fresh and citrusy smell. And once placed into the water the smell heightens. 

I do have one say that the smell didn’t last as long as I had hoped. It kind of disappeared after about 15 minutes from getting into the tub! It didn’t really stick around on my skin afterwards either. 

This is the perfect addition to their Halloween range and certainly feels like autumn in the water. 

You can buy this bath bomb from any lush shop and online at 

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Monsters Ball bath bomb by Lush cosmetics! Halloween 2016.

This is a brand new bath bomb for 2016! Never before has this bomb been created! 

At first I wasn’t sure I’d like this bath bomb as a lot of people had mentioned it smelt like Calcals. And when I got some of the shower gel is instantly didn’t like it. But this bath bomb is in my opinion totally different from the shower gel smell. This bomb has the citrusy smell but it also has the sweet silky vanilla smell which makes this bomb smell incredible! 

This is a limited product for this year’s Halloween collection so won’t be around forever. 

In this bomb there is lime oil, neroli oil, olibanum oil and fair trade organic Cocoa butter. With the added Cocoa butter this creates a beautiful silky bath. Leaving your skin lovely and soft. 

As soon as you pop this into the water the bright pink/purple foam bursts out from the sides. Creating beautiful frothy bubbles. 

It truly is a beautiful bath bomb. It fizzed slowly into the water leaving beautiful bright colours swirling around. This bomb is perfect for creating some awesome bath art! The little eye in the middle is part bath melt and the pupil is actually chocolate!! Who doesn’t want chocolate in thier bath eh?! Obviously you can’t feel or tell there is the tiny amount of chocolate in the bath as it’s literally a pin head size. But this melt created even more extra softness. 

The smell lingers for a very long time. Even after the bath is done with. I could also smell this on my skin for ages afterwards. 

I would totally recommend this bath bomb to everyone. Honestly you have to try it. 

To buy this bath bomb click on this link. It will take you to the lush website. 

To watch a full demo of click here.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **