Well I haven’t been active here in a good while now. All I can say is that my busy life has got in the way.

Having 4 children, work, keeping the home standing, school runs, parties, holidays and chronic illness I just haven’t found the time to review or post on here. 

So a few things have changed since my last post. Now this is going to be an honest entry to this blog. I don’t love lush anymore. (Waits for backlash). I am deeply sorry to everyone who reads my reviews on lush but unfortunately there isn’t going to be a lot of entries regarding lush anymore. I have simply had enough of the same things over and over again. Over priced. Taking amazing products away (like yoga bomb) and just simply not being able to keep up with demand for certain products at seasonal times. I have had enough of fighting with a computer over kitchen items which everyone wants. Being charged over and over for postage if you want something each day. 

I still love the ethics behind them but there are a lot more people out there creating the same standard items.

So going forward I have decided to branch out more to new bath bomb makers. I will be sticking with my all time favourite makers bath bake love. And creating blogs about my life and other things mixed in between. 



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