Lava lamp bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. 

As soon as you say lava lamp you instantly think of the hot, tall oil filled lamps which kinda messed with your eyes if you stared at them to long. 

Well this lava lamp bath bomb is a little different. A bright orange bomb with 3 purple oil disc’s embedded in side.

Now from what I have read about this bomb is it used to be part of the lush range a long time ago. But as far as I can tell people wernt too happy with the oils inside them. Apparently they stained the sides of the tub bright purple and didn’t come off for a while. I will be honest I never used one when they fist came out all thoes years back but when they were re formulated in 2016 I had to try them. 

This bath bomb is a citrusy orange smell. It kind of reminded me of orange fanta! But not as sharp. 

The outer fizzes quite quick which then leaves the bath oils to melt into the hot water. Now I did find that the oils did leave a slight residue on the sides of the tub but it didn’t stick or stain me or the sides. It was easily washed away. I did notice with the extra oils this did leave my skin feeling extra soft. You can definitely feel the oils on your skin afterwards. 

It’s not a favorite of mine or anything but I do like this bath bomb. I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to get more. 

You can buy these online here. 

To watch a full demo click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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