Instalushloveuk….it’s been a while . ….

Hellooo out there……..

I am here…still here beavering away. I know it’s been a while since I last posted a new blog so I am now back! but my first blog post back is going to be about all the goodies I have been buying…..please don’t tell my husband !

OK first I decided to indulge in some lush kitchen items. Well one….I have already had 2 of these from the lush Showcase and a few weeks back the kitchen made a limited number of “Over and Over” bath bombs! I have a full blog post on this bomb a bit further down! I am so so happy I managed to grab 4!

OK so next I decided I wanted to buy from Pretty Suds. I have also blogged about a few of this lovely ladies bath bombs before. I wanted to try her new Halloween/Christmas bombs. I got diary of a Vampire, winter warmth, black and Gold and yule be mine bath bombs. I haven’t yet blogged about them yet but demos of the ones I have used are here. 

 At this point I decided I needed to go on a bomb ban. I seriously have far to many and not enough time to have baths, review, blog and demo all the bombs, shower gel, body conditioner and bubble bars! Plus my husband tried to move my box….he moaned….he found my other box 🙈. 

BUT we went on a shopping trip. We finally had a date day and headed to our local Christmas Market ! We bought chocolate, cheese, canoli and erm….lush! Yes I had to go into lush. But I was good….all I bought was snow fairy body conditioner . Now everyone knows how popular snow fairy is at Christmas . If you haven’t tried or smelt it….seriously what are you doing? The sweet, candy, bubblegum, frosting and sprinkles are what makes snow fairy . 

So I then went a little quiet on the bomb buying until I found a brand new bath bomb lady hehe. And wow I am so so happy I found them. Head over to @misspatisserieuk on Instagram and take a look at her awesome bath products and more. You can find their website in their bio!

I then saw the lush kitchen menu . Why oh why is lush Christmas the best holiday? I have to admit I have put the regular line bombs on the back burner simply because of the Christmas items. They decided to bring out their lush Pud!!! Now if you love Snowcastle  (snowcake) this bomb is for you. It doesn’t give a show but it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling amazing . I will demo and review . I also got the #error404bathbomb this was a lush campaign  to #KeepItOn. You can find out all the information about this very important campaign here. Lush released the error 404 bath bomb in relation to this campaign and I had to grab some. 

So my last order is due today . This ban was going so well. Well that’s now in firm place. Until the boxing day lush sale i am now not to buy any more. I have the new lush bubble bar and some candy cane roulade arriving and then that’s it! We have our first ever family holiday next year and Christmas so that’s now our priority . 

I will be reviewing every other product I have bought over the past month or so. So that will keep me busy . 

So that’s what’s been happening with my bath items etc. It gets rather busy here with 4 children, home business, my illness etc but I love my little blog. 

If there is anything you’d like me to try, review or even know of a new bath company let me know!!! If there are any vendors our there who would love me to review anything you can email me at 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict 

Enjoy !!!

** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by anyone**


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