Colour Fest Bath ball from Miss Patisserie !

I absolutely love finding new bomb creators and when I came across this beautiful little shop I couldn’t wait to try out some of the products on offer. 

This is a bath ball from Miss Patisserie . Now with a company name like that you kind of assume that they create little French cakes. but you couldn’t be more wrong. Now at the moment I don’t know a lot about this company but over time I will learn a lot more. As everyone blogger knows it takes time to grab a feel of new products etc. 

Now Miss Patisserie create a lot of different products but as per I had to try some of thier bath balls first. Now I have to admit it was sooooo difficult trying to decide on what to get. Honestly they all look and sound amazing . I couldn’t splurge too much simply because I have lush orders on the way and of course it’s Christmas soon. I settled with 4 of the bath balls and my first one to try was the colour Fest.  

Now from looking at it from the outside it doesn’t look like this couldn’t do much. A big white bomb with  splash of tiny mica on top with black Sea salt embedded throughout. 

As soon as this is taken out of its packaging the beautiful floral, sweet and peppery smell hits you. And it certainly smells incredible ! A warm floral smell with a subtle hint of fruit. The scent instantly fills the bathroom and only gets even better once in the water. It sticks around for hours. 

Once in the water this bomb creates a white frothy foam that sits gently on top of the water. The bath ball rolls around the water bobbing back and forth. 

After a few minutes you start to see an explosion of colour! I was so happy to see what was in side. A beautiful teal colour mixed with green and a hint of pink.

As the ball rolls around the colour gets more and more intense . Blue frothing and filling the tub. At this point the smell was incredible . Such a calming beautiful smell.

the bath ball took about 20 minutes to fully dissolve into the water . I was sooooo impressed. I have never had a bomb last that long. 

I have really fallen in love with this bath bomb. And I am pretty sure that you will to. These are £4.50 each and can be bought online here.
You can find a full demo of this bath ball by clicking here.

 You can follow this amazing company on Instagram @misspatisserieuk and keep upto date with all the amazing items. 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Miss Patisserie **


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