Christmas Pudding sugar whip by BathBakesCo !

It’s finally my favourite time of the year….CHRISTMAS !!!! Which means everyone has created their awesome Christmas range.

BathBakesCo have simply out done themselves again! They have created a beautiful new Christmas limited edition products . I will be reviewing the other items i manged to grab soon but first I wanted to share with you the amazing Christmas pudding sugar whip . 

Now inside this tub is basically Christmas . You’d think they had just scooped a lot of actual Christmas pudding and popped it into a tub! 

As soon as I opened this wow. the cakey, boozy, sweet smell hit me. Now I will be honest I don’t even like Christmas pudding. I have tried it once and it wasn’t for me.But I who doesn’t like the smell of rich fruit, cake and booze? You will be amazed at how this smells just like it.

So along with the soft, light whipped whip which has a fine amount of sugar in it there is also a chunky layer of soft sugar at the bottom and the top. This gave the extra exfoliation but paired with the whip it left me skin feeling amazing.

Every product I get from BathBakesCo is awesome and I urge you to go check them out here. They do still have some of the Christmas limited edition products available but from what I can see this sugar whip is now all sold out and unfortunately you will have to wait until next year now. But they have some awesome staple items that you have to try….you won’t be disappointed !

You can follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict . 

Enjoy !!!!

** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **


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