Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Lush Christmas 2016!

Wow!!! What can I say about this bath bomb!! This is a reformulated bomb in this year’s lush Christmas range. And it’s miles apart from the original. 

Last year’s shoot for the stars bomb was different colours from blue, yellow, white. And had a shooting star embedded on the top. 

As you can see the look is totally different this year. Originally it created a different array of colours and left the water a deep purple colour. 

With the new bomb it’s dark blue all the way through with beautiful golden stars embedded in the top. The stars are in fact bath melts which create extra softness in your water and skin. 

As soon as I smelt this bomb the sweet caramel scent hit me. It’s a beautiful warming smell and perfect for a cold winters night. 

As soon as this is placed into the water the dark blue foam bursts out from the sides! It Instantly Fills Your Tub With The Prettiest Blue Water! This Bomb Is a fast fizzer but not too fast. As it fizzes away you will see that the embedded gold stars are lovely chunks of Cocoa butter covered in the gold lustre . These take a while to melt into your bath and you can see them slowly dissolving into the water. 

As you can see the mixture of the fold lustre stars and blue bomb the water is amazing!!! It reminds me of mermaid water. The butters leave the water feeling super silky and gives you the most silky smooth skin! You may think the stars will leave your skin feeling super greasy but I found them just the right amount to leave it lovely and nourished . 

The scent also sticks with you for hours ! Stays in the bathroom and to your skin until the next day. This bomb is the perfect little treat without having to eat anything. It definitely kerbs your sweet cravings. This new shoot for the stars bomb is the perfect new reformulation to the lush Christmas range.

You can purchase these from the lush website. 

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here.

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Enjoy !!

** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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