Banana Bread Sugar Whip by BathBakesCo !

They have only gone and done it again. I mean come on ladies are you genius or what? 

I absolutely adore this. I even wanted to eat the banana off the top (dried banana). I am blown away everytime I open my goodies from Sara-Meg. I have to say though this and the apple Crumble bath desert they created are now my all time favourites  (a long with banoffee pie bath cream) . 

Some of you may be wondering if this smells like the banoffee pie bath cream but it doesn’t. There is a clear difference between them both. Obviously they both have the sweet banana smell. But with the banana bread sugar whip the added extra delight is the fresh, nutty, fluffy warm, spicy bread smell. Now my family absolutely adore freshly made banana bread. I always use Cinnamon and sugar in mine and this smells exactly like that!

Beautiful, creamy, buttery, sweet, velvety, frothy soap with the added benefit of the fine sugar. There is just enough to get the perfect exfoliation. Perfectly gentle ton use on your face and sensitive skin. 

When I used this my little girl instantly said that the bathroom smelt amazing. She instantly wanted to know what I had used! My husband fell in love too!!!

This is another limited edition product from BathBakesCo and they have now sold out. This was an extremely popular product.

Head over to BathBakesCo on Etsy to check out there full range.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo ** 


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