Moon On a Stick bath bomb. lush Kitchen 2016.

Right from the start of this blog I am going to be honest. I have never heard of this bath bomb?! Moon on a stick?!? I have had to read up about how this bomb came about and why everyone is so in love with it. 

Lush’s Description:  We get a lot of letters and forum posts like this: “Dear Lush, Please make us a Comforter scented body lotion and a Honey I Washed the Kids shampoo and an American Cream perfume and…and…and” – you get the picture. What do you want from us? The f**king moon on a stick?! Well – ta dah! Here it is!!! Rowan came up with the brilliant suggestion for Jack to make one of his magical, multi-layered bath ballistics in the shape of a moon, full of sparkly knicker wasps and smelling exquisitely of fragrant lilies (if you like Lily Savon and Ghost, then this is the bath ballistic for you…) So now you really can have it all – including the moon on a stick.
And that’s how moon on a stick was created! I have read a few posts saying this is the “” best bath bomb ever made””” it changes the colour of the bath 3 times” . Now as this is my own opinion of this bath bomb is hope I don’t offend any moon lovers by saying this but it’s not the best bath bomb they have ever made and it doesn’t change the colour of the water 3 times. Now I don’t know if they were different when they  were first made but this bomb wasn’t all I was expecting . 

Now it looks incredible ! I mean a bath bomb on a stick!!!! who thinks to put a stick inside eh? Also don’t let the outside colour put you off. It may look grey and not appealing but it is what’s inside that counts.  

As soon as you open the his you will be blown away with the intensity of the floral fragrance. Lily is very noticeable. A lot of people have said this smells like ghost SG but I have never smelt it. IIf you love floral smells this is for you. 

Now once it’s placed into the water it does start off looking boring. Simple grey frothy bubbles spill out from all around the bath bomb. You can instantly see that this is quite a slow foamy fizz. Now in one of mine the stick had already come out but it will obviously fall out after the bomb starts to fizz away! 

After a few seconds you will see a light blue colour emerge from the inside . Then after a few seconds this then changes to a darker blue/// purple foam . It’s a very subtle colour and not bright or doesn’t have that wow factor . 

It’s very pretty and also has the added extra of fine lustre which gives your skin a little bit of glitter . 

This took around 5 minutes to fully fizz away into the water. The water turned a pale blue colour and stayed that colour throughout . 

The smell stuck around for ages though. I was very impressed that it stuck around for so long. It certainly made you feel lovely and fresh! I can still smell it in my bathroom the morning after! 

I am glad I got to try this bomb but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get more. In my opinion Lush have much better, nicer looking (in the water) bath bombs out at the moment (even all year). I do like the quirky side of this bomb. I feel that this is more of a unique, novelty bomb which of why it’s so popular !

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click on this link. This will take you to my YouTube channel . 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **



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