Autumn Leaf bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. Lush Halloween 2016!

Here is another limited edition product from the amazing Lush. I have to say I was seriously loosing the love for lush until their new Halloween and Christmas range was launched!! 

The Autumn leaf bath bomb is a very unique bomb. In a beautiful shape as a leaf with layers of different colours which instantly remind you of the trees changing. Green, yellow and orange all pressed together to create a stunning array of colour. 

These are priced at £3.75 each and I have to say these are definitely worth it. 

In this bomb there is neroli oil, sandlewood oil, Japanese maple sap and bergamot oil. This mixture of oils definitely warm up the cold nights. Creating a lovely blanket over your skin. 

As soon as this is placed into the water each of the colours burst out from underneath. The yellows, green and oranges create stunning foamy bubbles across your tub! This isn’t a fast fizzer and it slowly melts away. To me this doesn’t smell overly earthy but does have a crisp fresh and citrusy smell. And once placed into the water the smell heightens. 

I do have one say that the smell didn’t last as long as I had hoped. It kind of disappeared after about 15 minutes from getting into the tub! It didn’t really stick around on my skin afterwards either. 

This is the perfect addition to their Halloween range and certainly feels like autumn in the water. 

You can buy this bath bomb from any lush shop and online at 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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