Apple Crumble bath desert from BathBakesCo!

Grab a spoon….quick!!!! No no no you can’t eat it. This is one of the sweetest tubs of bath desert ever!

So BathBakesCo bath desert is a little different from thier bath creamers. As you can instantly see from the above picture this has a layer of sugar scrub with a generous amount of bath creamer on top. Now this is what makes these bath deserts stand out. These are perfect for that extra exfoliating properties. And these can be used in a number of ways! 

You can use the sugar scrub on its own. Use the bath cream on its own. Or better still grab a dollop of both, mix it together and there you have the ultimate creamy, exfoliating, bubbly, bath desert ever! Me personally I love to mix it all together to create a silky scrub for the whole of my body! It gently scrubs away all the dead skin and unwanted oils and leaves you feeling sweet and refreshed. 

This product is a limited product in the BathBakesCo kitchen at the moment and this is definitely one I advise you to get before it dissappears. With the cold nights drawing in this beautiful Crisp, warm, sweet and fruity scent definitely makes you feel like your whole body has been wrapped in a big Apple Crumble hug! 

As soon as you take the lid off this it will smell like you have just opened the oven to a fresh buttery and fruity Crumble that’s ready to be eaten!! I say this with every product I get from BathBakesCo but you really do want to grab your spoon and dive in. 

This is the perfect autumn treat for your body. Be quick to grab a tub from  here. You won’t regret it.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **


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