Shortcake body buff from BathBakesCo!

We all love to buff our bodies every now and again and this is THE best buff for your skin ever!! I have never come across anything that smells and looks like this before! 

(Picture is BathBakesCo original)

Now from looking at it you may be wondering why I love this. Well see the shortbread underneath well the body buff on top is literally like a buttery, sweet, velvety shortbread! Honestly when I say this smells exactly like shortbread I am not lieing. I don’t know how they do it but every single product I have had from BathBakesCo has smelt exactly like it’s described. It blows my mind everytime I get new goodies from Sara-Meg. Who by they way is the loveliest sweetest company owner I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Her customer service is 110% always so happy and friendly. You will always get top notch service. 

Any way back to the body buff. These are a little bigger than a shortbread much thicker (which is good). As soon  as you open this packet the smell instantly hits you and I wanted to bite a chunk off and eat it but I very much doubt it would taste as good as it smelt hehe! 

On the top side of the buff you can see its covered with sugar. This is just the perfect amount to really exfoliate your skin. This bar has multiple uses. You can slice a bit off and pop it in to your water as use as a bath melt. You can obviously use it as a moisturising body buff either in the bath or shower or even after you have shaved your legs to get extra moisture. This bar can also be used as a sweet massage bar! After a long day this is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Simply glide it across your body and massage! 

All the butters will instantly soak into your skin no matter how you decide you want to use it. But I know this for certain you will smell utterly awesome. 

This can be bought as the strawberry shortcake trio offer on the BathBakesCo etsy shop. If you click here. This will take you to the listing. Follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove for beautiful pictures and offers. 

You can now buy this on its own by clicking on this link!

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YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **



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