Over and over bath bomb from the lush creative showcase 2016!

OK I am going to put this out there first. This bath bomb is 100x better than the roller bath bomb….I now await the hate haha! 

So this bomb was another Lush Creative showcase exclusive and was only available to buy from there. I don’t know if the lush kitchen will ever make them but if they do these will fly out so I advise you to be fast! 

As soon as I opened my package I could smell the fruity, fresh and citrusy smell. Fresh oranges and lemons. It kind of reminded me of opal fruits! As I said above this bomb is just like the roller but only because of the layer of bath melt over one side. This in turn makes the bomb a little heavier than normal bombs so when I put this isn’t the water at first it sank. But I held it up until it fizzed for a while and it eventually stayed afloat and I am so happy it did. 

As soon as this is placed into the water the yellow foam bursts out from underneath. You will instantly notice this is going to be a slow fizz on the outside. With this being a exclusive I knew there had to be a hidden somthing inside. As soon as that little bit started to fizz away at light pink colour emerged from nowhere. 

But it just got better and better!!! The pink turned into a deep beautiful cerise colour. It fizzed and frothed like somthing was trying to escape. The smell was absolutely incredible too. It lasted through the whole bath and stuck to your skin for ages. 

With the added melt this bomb was super nourishing. It left the water feeling so silky and gave your skin a super smooth feeling. The water turned a dark pinky orange colour. 

I found with this bath bomb making the amazing bath art a breeze. Swirling pinks and yellows together making a stunning work of art in the tub! 

I really hope the kitchen do make these at some point. As I’d love everyone to get the chance to try this.  I also have the never mind the ballistics bath bomb which looks a lot like this but with a pink melt and a totally different scent. So I am not sure if it will create the same show as this one. 

If you love strong fruity smells you will adore this! 

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel. 

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YouTube channel Lush Addict 

To buy from the lush kitchen click on this lush kitchen link.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **



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