Metamorphosis bath bomb by Lush cosmetics!! 

Not a lot of people will know what this bath bomb is. Only people who went to the Lush creative showcase a few weekends ago will of seen and smelt this in all its glory. Unless you were as lucky as me and had an amazing lady get you an impressive haul!!! 

Metamorphosis bath bomb is a very strange looking and smelling bomb. The patterns on this really play with your eyes! So looking at it from the outside you wouldn’t think much of this bath bomb. It just looks like a grey ball….

It’s smell. On first smell it’s very peppery. Bit too peppery for me if I am honest and I was worried I’d hate this. But after smelling it a few times a slightly sweeter smell started to surface. 

So as soon as this is placed into the water it fizzes quite quick until BAM…an mound of colour and frothy bubbles emerge from the inside. The grey outer dissolved and a green, yellow, pink and orange just oozed out. There was only a tiny amount of green and yellow and then the pink and orange took over. These weren’t pale colours either. Beautiful bright colours foaming and bubbling away. At this point the beautiful sweet vanilla and citrusy smell took over. I could no longer smell the pepper and I fell in love. 

The inside of this bomb was a huge suprise. I really didn’t expect these colours to be inside this plain looking bomb. The inner colours were quite slow fizzers and took around 10 minutes to fully dissolve into to the water. 

Now one thing I didn’t like was the colour of the water afterwards. It’s Wanstead overly pleasant and was a kind of grey/orangey colour. But what I did find about the water is that is felt so silky and soft which in turn left my skin feeling super nourished. Now I don’t know what is exactly in this bomb…I wasn’t at the showcase so can only review what I experienced. 

Over all I would give this a 8/10. I didn’t like the peppery smell or the colour of the water. 

Unfortunately you can no longer purchase this. But maybe the kitchen will make it for everyone to try! 

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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