Fudge Fancy body glaze from BathBakesCo!

Do you like feeling super soft and smell like you have just walked out of a fudge factory?? Yes! Well I suggest you head over to BathBakesCo and snap up this amazing body glaze. 

These come in 100ml pots filled to the brim. When I first picked this up it felt so light so I was expecting a very bubbly kind of mix. 

I will start off with the smell. So I want you to imagine that your walking down a cobbled road in France. Taking in all the wonderful amazing sights when you come across a little sweet shop hidden away. This isn’t an ordinary sweet shop this shop is filled with the most creamy, buttery,  sweet and smooth fudge you have ever smelt. That…that right there is what this little pot of goodness smells like. 

Just like the fudge in colour and in smell it’s also just a thick! I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as thick as it is. Now this definitely isn’t a bad thing because it means you hardly need to use a lot for it to be so good. 

A little certainly goes a very long way. I like to use body butters on my legs after shaving, my arms because if it smells nice I can get a good wiff all day every day, shoulders and my face! I get a very dry face after a bath, wash and shower so I will always need so thing that gives my face back it’s moisture. Something that makes it feel less tight and sore. Just a tiny dab on my finger and it then dabbed onto each cheek, nose and fore head it worked amazing. My skin instantly felt soft and the tightness went away. Below is what I used for the parts mentioned above.

As you can see you definitely don’t need a lot. And this will last a long time. The scent instantly stuck to me. I am literally sat here drooling at the thought of eating beautiful vanilla fudge. I want to lick my arm!!!!! 

BathBakesCo have yet again created a product that I personally think everyone is going to fall in love with. They also make different scents! I have 2 more to try which are Toasted coconut and jam tart! With them being the same type of product I will only be doing short reviews and pictures on the other smells I have. But I guarantee they will be just as yummy as this. 

To buy this body glaze click here. This will take you to the product. You will also notice a new Autumn range has just be released. And yes I will be getting some! 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **


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