Banoffee pie bath cream by BathBakesCo!

OK so this review isn’t one I really wanted to share…..

But because I am such a nice person I decided I would.

**picture from BathBakesCo**

If your anything like me and love creamy, fruity, and exotic goodness then this is THE best bath cream EVER!!!!!! I absolutely love anything either banana or coconut or vanilla. I am a simple kinda girl who loves the simple smells. When I saw BathBakesCo had created this limited edition bath cream I knew I had to have it. 

As soon as you open this tub your instantly blown away. The smell of rich banana and sweet vanilla fills the whole bathroom. It literally smells like someone had just made a rich and creamy banoffee pie and put a huge bowl of it in front of you. I seriously wanted to grab a spoon and eat it all. But alas it’s not made for eating. 

Again this tub is filled to the brim with whipped butters. Lightly whipped soap which makes you feel so special. I did feel like I was sat in a American diner with all the huge deserts they have on offer and a huge banoffee pie was the one which stood out to me. A beautiful pale yellow colour with a little dusting of yellow mica on top. 

As I have said with all of BathBakesCo products you don’t need to use a lot to get a huge amount of foamy bubbles. A small scoop of this will wash and clean your skin beautifully. I also found that with these bath creams they are very versatile. They are amazing as a bubble bath to create creamy, silky water. Awesome for using as a body wash either in the shower or the bath. And amazingly these can be used as a beautiful shaving cream! Who’d of thought you could have a shaving cream that smells like a dessert!!!! I use all my bath creams for every purpose possible especially shaving. It gives me an amazing close but smooth shave. And again left my skin feeling amazingly soft. 

And all of that isn’t even the best bit!! The SMELL OMG!!! Unbelievable. As I said before as soon as this tub gets opened it will fill the room. But when it’s used the smell instantly heightens. The rich creamy banoffee smell will engulf your skin. And it sticks to you like super glue which I might add is the best thing ever. Walking around knowing you smell the best out of everyone around you is awesome!

But unfortunately these have now all sold out. And we’re limited. But fear not BathBakesCo are always bringing out devine new creations all the time and I am pretty certain that there will be equally beautiful bath creams to come. Or even if we ask nicely the may bring banoffee pie back for good…..PLEASE!!! Luckily I have another pot on the way plus a few other new products. 

I beg each and every one of you. You HAVE to try this company. I haven’t fallen in love with bath products for a long time now and BathBakesCo have totally put the excitement back into me. 

Head over to Etsy and click here. This will take you to BathBakesCo shop where the lovely Sara-Megan will fulfill your bath baking needs! Also you can follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **


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