Chocolate Brownie sugar whip by BathBakesCo!

Do you want to smell like a freshly baked brownie? Well this sugar whip is just for you!!!

Chocolate Brownie sugar whip is yet again another beautiful creation from the amazing BathBakesCo! I honestly don’t know how they do it but every new product I get from them smells exactly like it would if you were to bake it!! I seriously want to take a trip to just sit and sniff their work shop! 

As soon as you open this sugar whip you will want to eat it. It smells exactly like a freshly baked brownie with loads of brownie buttercream….**drool**

It’s a pale cream/brown colour with an added bit of shimmer on top. This tub is filled to the brim with soft whipped soap/scrubby goodness that will coat your skin in silk! 

With this sugar whip it wasn’t over exfoliating at all. It’s beautifully soft and gently scrubs away all the rubbish from a hard days work. Like every whip I have had you definitely don’t need a lot of this for it to work wonders for your whole body. And it will last a long time! Now with mine I decided to create one of the BathBakesCo freakshakes! I assume everyone has heard of the awesome freakshakes that you drink? Milkshakes loaded with everything and anything you can imagine. Well these are a bath adaptation and wow they work so so so well. I will be doing another blog post on these this week! 

This sugar whip is a limited product. And this week is the last week to get your hands on it!! I strongly recommend that you do. This will leave your skin smelling like you have just stepped out of a bakery. 

To buy this whip click here. This will take you directly to the listing on etsy. You can also find every other product they sell. 

Follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by BathBakesCo **



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