Plum Rain Shower gel by Lush cosmetics!

Plum Rain! Ooooft. I’d love it if when it rained it actually tasted like plums. Then maybe I wouldn’t hate the rain so much?

So this little bottle of purple goodness was released by Lush about 2 months ago now (it’s September by the way) and everyone went absolutely crazy over it. It was (is?) an Oxford Street exclusive and with me living a million miles away I thought why bother I can’t even smell it. Why do Oxford Street get the best exclusives?!?! Anyway then we were told on Friday at 3pm that this shower gel was going to be in the kitchen menu! Yes I shouted. And I bet a lot of other people did to? But when it comes to the menu you can’t trust it at all. (Not at the moment anyway). So I knew I was going to have to be quick! 

I did manage to grab one quite easy actually. I think everyone cleared the shelfs at Oxford Street so there was enough to go around in the kitchen. 

So when it arrived in was initially excited. I had read others saying it smelt like a vimto drink, some sweets etc. So I was expecting to open it up and get a beautiful wiff of sweet, bubbly plums. Erm….I didn’t. Unless my senses have gone to pot I really couldn’t smell what others could. I definitely got a sweet smell but it’s very much like medicine. A bit like calpol mixed with plums and antiseptic. I wasn’t overly impressed. (Sorry). 

I will be honest I have only ever used this twice. Once to wash and once to use a bubbles in a bath. Once the gel is mixed with the water the sweet plum does enhance a bit more but I am still very unsure. It’s a very thick shower gel. So thick it really sticks to your skin! A lot of lush gels I have a watery but this really isn’t.  

I love the colour of this. A very deep purple which is very fitting for its name. I don’t know if it will get used very soon as I have a lot of other smells I absolutely love and this really isn’t my go to gel at all. 

Over all I would give this a 5/10. I am so undecided on this!

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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