Bathory Bath bomb by Hex bomb!

Have you ever tried a Hex bomb???? Well this was my first time trying one of these spectacular bombs. 

I managed to get my hands on a few from last week’s stocking which only happens every Friday at 5pm! These bombs are so so popular and you have to be quick. Especially with the bomb they call black as your sole. (I have 1 on the way). These are priced at £3.00 each. 

So for my first hex bomb bath I decided to try my bathory bomb. This is a deep red bomb which smells like mixed berries! A beautiful sweet and fruity scent. They all come in a large pot with a lid. The smell is extremely strong and you can instantly smell it even before you open the pot! I did find the smell a bit strong at first and didn’t know if this was going to cause problems when in the tub. 

These are a simple bath bomb but these create awesome colour as soon as they hit the water. They are easy to remove from the pots. Simply press the bottom and it will just pop out. I did find they were a bit powdery but which bath bombs aren’t. 

As soon as this bomb hits the water it was blown away! The deep red colour that emerges instantly is amazing. The colour that’s inside this bath bomb is insane! I was worried though. Because of all the colour that came out in instantly thought I was going to stain my bath and stain my skin and come out of the bath looking like a lobster. 

The colour slowly fills the whole tub and I will be honest it looked like a murder set. It looked like somthing had gone horribly wrong! 

These are quite fast fizzers and don’t create anything apart from the colour and smell. I did find that the smell did dispers once the bath bomb was in the tub. It definitely wasn’t as strong and to be honest it didn’t linger for very long either. Bathing in this reminded me of vampires. It’s definitely a unique way of taking a bath! Unfortunately the scent didn’t stick to my skin and I didn’t find that this made any difference to the softness of my skin. 

The colours didn’t stain thank God! I didn’t end up with a bright red bath or deep red skin! 

If you want an experience while bathing I would definitely recommend these to try. I will be trying out the other hex bombs  I received soon to! 

Overall I would give this 7/10. It only special quality is the colour unfortunately. 

To purchase these hex bombs you will need to click here. This will take you directly to the website. I advise to head over on Fridays to grab all the ones you would like as that when the re stock happens. 

To watch a full demo of this hex bomb click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel. 

Follow @hex_bomb on Instagram to keep up with there amazing news. 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Hex bomb **


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