Raspberry ripple bath desert by BathBakesCo!

As everyone knows I have HUGE love for this company. And when I know that this particular bath desert was soon to be removed to make way for the summer range I had to buy it!

This bath desert is a bit different to the other bath creams that they make. As you can see the bottom layer is a syrup body scrub filled with salts and sugar. A gentle exfoliant for your whole body. Then on top is thier famous whipped body/bath cream. A thick layer of soapy goodness. 

What attracted me to this bath desert also was when you bought this a portion of the money went to charity. A refuge that helps people who have suffered with abuse. So I really wanted to make sure I grabbed one while I could. 

With these I have found you can use them in 3 different ways. Either just the whipped soap, the soap and scrub mixed together or just the scrub on its own. I tried all 3 ways and I have to say mixing it together is certainly the best way. A creamy light exfoliant which is even softer enough to use on your face! 

The exfoliating properties are certainly beneficial to your skin. Lightly scrubbing away all the rough dead skin on your body and the Creamy soap then nourishes and softens the new skin underneath. It’s a fantastic combination. 

As soon as you open this up your definitely get the sweet raspberry smell. A fruity pick me up. I also got the very strong soapy smell to. More so than the other bath creams I have. But that’s certainly not a bad thing at all because the zingy fruity smell and the clean and fresh soap scent really complement each other. The scrub at the bottom was definitely a raspberry ripple smell. So mixed with the Creamy whip I fell in love. The foam and bubbles you get from this is once again beautiful. You certainly don’t need to use a lot to get the amazing lather. 

This is certainly another favourite of mine from bath bake love and I cannot wait to try their new summer items. 

Over all I would give this 9/10. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Bath bake love **


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