Cake bomb by Beautiful Bathing treats!

This bath bomb completely blew me away. From the moment I unwrapped it to the moment I popped it into my bath! 

I have never seen such a big and beautiful bath bomb in my life. As you can see the main “bomb” is a standard size bath bomb you would normally get from other makers but what makes this as wonderful as it is, is that creamy topping!!! A beautiful layer of bath creamer with added sprinkles. It certainly looks like something you could take a huge bite out of! 

I found this little company on Facebook while searching about for more small businesses to expand on my reviews. As soon as I laid eyes on these (plus another I have) I had to put them on my shopping list! I had never come across this little business before, and I am so happy I found it. (I will link the page at the bottom of the blog) 

I was sent a range of fragrances but this one was neroli. The smell was so so beautiful and fresh! This actually took over my bathroom and everything else in had used in my cocktail bath I could only get a little hint of. I think I will use one of these on its own next time. 

As soon as this hits the water it fizzes and pops like crazy. Creating amazing frothy foam which lies on the surface of the water. The bomb fizzes quite fast where the creamer on top takes a while to melt down. I did crush some in my hands to see how creamy it actually was and I was very surprised. The creaminess was lovely. 

The bomb did separate from the creamer but that’s pretty standard with bath bombs that’s have bath creamers either inside or on top. Because the bomb obviously dissolved faster! 

The bubbles were awesome. I didn’t expect there to be so much. I have personally never found a small business maker of these that can create such amazing bubbles. The scent really stuck to my skin too. It lasted for a long time. The creamer made my skin feel amazingly soft! The water turned a beautiful pink colour. I am beyond happy I found this lovely lady on FB and I cannot wait to try more of her amazing goodies!!! 

Overall I would give this 9/10. 

To find this amazing lady click here. This will take you to the Facebook page. 

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here.

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YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Beautiful Bathing treats **


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