Otifix fresh face mask by Lush cosmetics!

So we all love a good face mask don’t we? And we would all love somthing that was freshly made and so good for your skin? 

Well let me introduce you to the fresh face masks available masks available to buy from lush! I have only ever tried one of these masks before which was cupcake and I mainly got that because of the smell. Yes I am not afraid to admit it. Now I actually realised that I needed somthing that would help my skin. I suffer from awful tight dry skin on my fore head and cheek bones. To the point where my skin would be awful and flaky. I needed somthing that would re-balance the moisture in my face. There are quite a few fresh face masks to choose from and I do recommend you read about how they treat your skin or better still go into the shop and try them/smell them and ask about them. 

Otifix is a very thick mask when your applying it. And I usually make sure I apply quite a good thick layer to get the full benefits. In this mask it’s packed with amazing ingredients. Fresh Banana, fine oatmeal, ground almonds and organic illipe butters. The almonds create a gentle exfoliant which really helps to get rid of the dead skin. As I have found out in the past oatmeal is amazing for helping with dry sore skin. I even use it in my children’s baths when they had chickenpox. 

All you need to do is scoop out quite a generous amount and smother it all over your face. I pay attention to my worst dry areas by applying the layer a little thicker and by rubbing it more to exfoliate the skin. Once you have covered your face simply let it do it’s work for about 20 minutes. Because this is a thicker mask I would recommend leaving it on for a little while longer than lush say. 

They aren’t the easiest of face masks to apply as they can stick to your fingers. But I usually rub it into my hands for a little exfoliation. When you open this you will instantly smell the awesome oat and vanilla scent. To me it smells like maple syrup porridge and I wanted to lick it off my face! 

One thing I did find with this mask is once it warms up on your skin it does become a little runny. I assume this is the butters melting and absorbing into your skin. As I was in the bath it didn’t bother me to much. 

After the 20 minutes I wash off with warm water. As soon as the mask is off you can certainly tell it’s definitely done what it’s supposed to. I now no longer have that tight dry skin feeling anymore. I don’t even have to use this everytime I bath or shower. Once a week is enough and the beautiful nourished skin lasts a good while! 

Over all I would give this a 7/10. It’s a bit hard to apply and does melt a bit when it’s been on your face for a few minutes. But it’s helped my  skin so so much I will definitely be buying again. This is £6.95 for a 75g tub. It is expensive for the amount you get but for all the fresh ingredients and it’s amazing properties it’s kind of worth it. 

To buy this fresh face mask click here. This will take you to the lush website for this product. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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