Space Girl bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. 

Let’s travel to outer space. Let’s enter a world where no one knows where we are. Space girl bath bomb certainly makes your feel like your in the outer galaxy! 

Space Girl was a regular product everywhere a long time ago. A very popular product too. I have no idea why they removed it from the regular line up. Maybe because of the time it took to create this amazing bomb? I don’t know. 

This was the first time I have ever used a space girl bath bomb and it certainly won’t be my last (I have another but I hope to get more in the kitchen if they are made again). As you can see its shaped like a flying saucer. A beautiful pale purple with a ruby lustre sprayed on top giving it that unique look. It certainly looks like a forgotten planet. 

As soon as you open this up I instantly got a sweet smell. And when I say sweet I literally mean it smells exactly like Parma violet sweets! It’s incredible. I personally love Parma violet sweets so this was a very pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to smell just like them. After reading other people reviews I was expecting a bit of a floral smell but I didn’t get that at all. 

Placing this into the water was a whole new experience. As soon as it hits the water the purple bomb along with the Ruby lustre disperses from all around and created a whirlpool of galaxy colours. 

I found this quite a delicate bath bomb and quite powdery so I advise to keep it wrapped up tight if storing. It’s a very fast fizzer but the colours that fill your bath are simply stunning. My favourite colour is purple so I was completely in my element with this bomb. As it fizzes you can see in the middle tiny bits of blue which when it’s mixed with the pale purple and Ruby lustre makes a gorgeous deep purple colour. 

The smell is also heightened once in the tub. The sweet aroma lifts your mood and certainly makes your feel like your in a galaxy fat away. I’d like to think that up there in the sky somewhere there is all of these mix of amazing colours bursting into our atmosphere. Once this has fully fizzed you will then be left with the most beautiful bath water. A lovely purple, calm, relaxing bath! 

This bath bomb certainly left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I couldn’t smell the sweet aroma on my skin afterwards but the simplicity of the bomb made up for that! 

You need to keep your eyes out for these being released in the kitchen because if you haven’t already I suggest you grab yourself a few! 

Overall I would give this a 8/10. I’d of loved the smell to of lingered with me that little bit more. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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