Fudge de leche bath cream by BathBakesCo!

Another amazing creation from the wonderful creators of bath bake love! Who doesn’t love fudge? Especially when you can smother it all over your body! 

(Review of the raspberry ripple will be up soon)

Like the Irish whisky bath cream this is a thick whipped soap. It can be held under the running bath water to create a layer of creamy bubbles. It can be used to shave and smothered all over your body! 

As soon as you open this the amazing aroma of vanilla, fudge and Cream fills your senses. If you love sweet creamy bath products this is a definite must. It’s not too sweet or sickly it’s just perfect. 

As you can see its beautifully made. Amazingly thick, creamy and moisturising. And topped with a little sprinkle of what I think is mica dusting. (I used this in my melts) You definitely don’t need a lot to get an amazing lather and coverage. That one scoop covered my whole body! With this bath cream I found there were little bits of the soap which were like little exfoliating salts. They weren’t harsh like salts and once you have rubbed they did dissolve and they actually made me skin feel super soft!!! I absolutely love it. 

I love how you don’t have to use a lot to get an amazing lather or half a tub just to be able to get every part of your body. This has been made so well it will last a good while so well worth it!!! As soon as this hits your skin the smell radiates into the whole room. And it makes you feel super indulged and very special. I also found with this bath cream my skin felt even softer than with the Irish whisky bath cream. I don’t know weather that was because of the little soap bits (not horrid…please don’t think they are because they are utterly awesome) it gently exfoliated my skin. It felt like a posh spa treatment. 

The lather is beautiful. A lot more creamy and softer. I got all this lather from just rubbing it into my arms!!! Awesome!!! I did find the scent didn’t stick to my skin as long as the Irish whisky bath cream but I have completely fallen in love with these bath creams. My skin has never felt so nourished. I generally suffer from dry skin which irritates me so bad. But after using these I find I don’t get the tight dry awful skin anymore! 

Over all I would give this a 9/10. I wanted the smell to follow me everywhere. But that’s really not the end of the world as I can always sit and sniff it all day long if I like! 

To buy this bath cream click here. This will take you to the beautiful Etsy store!! These are £5.95 each and 100% worth every penny!

Follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove 

Also follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict. 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Bath bake love **


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