Creamy Cappuccino cake mix by BathBakesCo!

Eh?? Cake mix…in a bath? Am I crazy!! Well some of you may think that I am but I can tell you now I am definitely not. Bath bake love create the most luxurious cake mixes but for your bath!! 

Over on their etsy shop there is a beautiful selection of different mixes. From chocolate truffle and afternoon tea! Don’t worry though your not going to be putting actual cake mix into your bath. These are made with Epsom salt and himalayan sea salt. Along with essential oils and flavour. You can choose either 100g or 250g. If you want to try a few I advise to get the 100g so you can try them all. Yes I said it…try them all!! I take no responsibility if you end up spending all your money. This is the first  (but not the last) cake mix I have tried. And as soon as I put my nose to the packet my senses went crazy! I got the Creamy cappuccino cake mix and this also has little coffee beans nestled inside. The coffee isn’t an overpowering smell but it’s definitely the main fragrance in this mix. But mixed with the vanilla and maybe a little Cocoa this is the perfect combination for coffee lovers. Even if you don’t like coffee I believe you will fall in love. 

The texture is a bit like soft sand. Not in a scratchy kind of way because your not rubbing this onto your body I mean the look of it. It’s certainly softer than sand…obviously! First time I used this i sprinkled it under the tap. The smell enhanced as soon as it hits the water and fills your bathroom with the most creamy coffee smell. This instantly created a little foamy layer of bubbles while it was mixing into the water. Turning the water cloudy and soft. The salts in these cake mixes certainly repaired any damaged skin. Making it softer and feeling not as sore. (I used a foot mask which didn’t work quite right on my feet and this has made them feel normal again). 

This is definitely somthing I will nearly always add to my baths now. And I can’t wait to order the rest of the range. I apologise now to bath bake love for all of my orders! 

Overall I would give this a 8/10. Purley because 100g isn’t enough. I should of ordered more haha!!! But it’s definitely a 10/10 for its amazing properties. 

To buy this cake mix click here. This will take you to the vanilla mix as the cappuccino one is sold in the trio set. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Bath bake love **


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