ICE cream queen bath blaster by Bomb cosmetics!

Today is a very warm day and ice cream is a must today! But this ice cream queen isn’t for eating. 

This bath blaster is from Bomb cosmetics and is priced at £2.99. It’s a large blaster and has a creamer in the middle. As you can see its not a brightly coloured bomb but it’s very pretty. A big white blaster with a baby pink middle and a cute ice cream inbed. In the wrapper this doesn’t have a very strong smell. Now I store all my bath bombs together in my wardrobe and the smells get mixed up a lot. But even when it was out of its wrapper I still didn’t think it was overly strong. It’s a creamy smell with a hint of strawberries. Very sweet. This has sandlewood oil and bergamot oils in it and personally I can’t smell either. 

As soon as this is placed into your bath and white foam bursts out from the sides. Obviously this isn’t a colourful bomb so it doesn’t really change your water apart from to a little cloudy. It’s a fast fizzer and they do sink. These do sink because of the bath cream swirled inside. This makes them heavier than your normal bomb. Once the outside white blaster has fizzed away the pink creamer then starts to melt. This is a slow little fizz. It fills the water with lovely soft butters to create a soft layer to sink into. 

As all creamers do this definitely makes your skin feel lovely and soft. As I have said before you won’t need any other melt or oil if your using one of these bath blasters. Your skin will feel awful and slimy as there will be far to man butters for your skin to absorb. 

So again the smell didn’t linger. It didn’t even stick to my skin after the bath! I have only ever used 2 of these bath blasters upto now and to be honest I have found the same thing with them both! Simply not enough smell!! Their whoopie blaster is different though as I felt that the smell lingered a lot longer. 

Over all I would give this a 6/10. It looks beautiful and very unique but not strong enough at all for my liking.

To buy this blaster click here.

To watch the full video demo click here.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Bomb cosmetics **


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