Pot O’ Gold shower jelly by Lush cosmetics!

Wouldn’t we all just love a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? What would you do if you found one? Well this pot o gold isn’t quite somthing that you will be able to go and spend. But this gold is amazing. 

Shower jellies are certainly becoming more and more popular throughout the wworld . their wibbles and wobbles are mesmerising to watch. Especially in slow motion. Now pot o gold shower jelly is a lush kitchen item. It’s only for sale every now and again so you need to keep your eyes out on Fridays at 3pm on the lush kitchen Facebook page. A menu is released at the end of each week to let you know what lush will be making as exclusives. Some items are really popular and some not so much so on the day of its release you need to be on the kitchen page at 7.45 refreshing until 8am when it becomes live. And be quick. Hopefully you will be able to grab what you want. 

Pot O Gold Shower jelly is a very special jelly. It’d smell is one that you either love other hate. To me personally it’s smells like burnt caramel. But not the nasty black burnt caramel. Imagine your making caramel and the mixture is just turning brown. That sticky sweet smell. It definitely has strong undertones of vanilla pod infusion. There is also orange peel, fresh pineapple juice and myrrh. I can’t smell the pineapple or the orange in this but this is what makes the smell so unique.

Bring a wealth of pudding-like aromas to the shower with this aureate number. Oodles of fresh pineapple juice and orange peel decoction tone and brighten skin whilst Ugandan Fair Trade vanilla gives it a heartening touch. Shimmering lustre makes for an especially radiant cleanse as sweet orange oil imparts a cheerful demeanour upon all who indulge in these wobbly lathers.  

The colour of this is def somthing else. Pure gold with beautiful gold and silver lustre swirled entirely throughout the jelly. When you use this jelly before warned you will get covered in glitter. Not huge amounts and it is quite subtle but you will have a lovely sparkle. Once this jelly has a good rub and hot water the lather is beautiful. It creams up and certainly makes your skin feel super soft. I found as soon as I opened the pot the smell filled the bathroom. It was very overpowering. People who don’t like strong sweet smells I don’t think this jelly is for you. I can see it becoming quite sickly if it’s used a lot or every night. It’s definitely an indulgent jelly. 

The smell does linger for quite a long time. On your skin and in the bathroom. After you have dried off etc it’s not as overpowering on the skin. I do like this jelly as I do like sweet products. I wouldn’t use it all the time as I can see myself becoming quite sickly of it. 

Over all I would give this a 8/10. It is very sweet!

To watch a slow motion wobble of this jelly click here.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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