Irish whisky bath cream from BathBakesCo!

As you all know I am always on the look out for new bath makers. And I came across an amazing company on Instagram. When looking through their pictures and items I was instantly hooked. Honestly I guarantee that you will fall in love! 

So the main aim for this companies products is to create a cake bath. A bath that represents your favourite desert. They have some of the sweetest looking items ever. From their bath “cake mix” to there bath syrup. 

They also have a brilliant range of “flavours” to choose from and it’s so so so hard to choose! As this was a new maker for me I decided I would buy one of their bath trio items. In this you get 100g of bath cake mix, bath cream and a bath syrup. And for £10 you seriously cannot go wrong. In this trio there is a selection of different “flavours”. You can choose from the Victoria sponge, coffee, chocolate and lemon drizzle trio. Each trio will come with a range of mixes to create your chosen flavour. I picked the coffee trio and I got creamy cappuccino cake mix, wild blueberry bath syrup and Irish whisky bath cream. This whole combination is utterly awesome. 

Tonight in my bath I wanted to try all of these right away because as soon as I smelt them I honestly wanted to eat them! I used my cake mix (review later) and my bath cream. The bath cream has to be one of the best bath products I have smelt in a very very long time. As soon as you open the lid the wonderful aroma of the Irish cream and coffee fill your senses. There are beautiful creamy notes of vanilla which makes this one item you could just take a spoon to! I suggest you don’t eat it…please. Inside the pot is a creamy white bath whip topped with 3 coffee beans and a touch of glitter. 

See it looks like a posh pudding!!! All of these items are handmade, cruelty free and sls free which in my mind make these a whole lot better. 

Now once I was in the bath I decided to actually use this while I washed my hair in the shower. Right at the very end. And I am super happy that I did. I certainly didn’t need to use a lot to get some amazing foam and bubbles. A small scoop filled my whole body with a creamy lather! 

It’s such a smooth a creamy product. It glides onto your skin like silk. Leaving your body feeling smooth and nourished. It definitely made me feel that little bit more special. And the smell…again….wow!!!! The smell is to die for even on your skin. It lingered on me for a good while after and I was constantly sniffing my arms! 

I honestly cannot wait to order more of these products. They are so unique and special. I have never come across a bath makers who creates these kinds of cake loving items. 

Over all I have to give this bath cream a 10/10. I honestly can’t fault it one bit. 

To buy this product click here. This will take you to Etsy. This is Bath bake loves shop. To go to their main shop click here. You can search BathBakesCo on etsy. Follow them on Instagram @bathbakelove. 

Follow me on Instagram @instalushloveuk 

YouTube channel Lush Addict 

** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by anyone** 


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