Tweet bubble bar by Lush cosmetics!

“Tweet tweet” 

Did anyone else manage to grab one of these strange looking creatures? Lush released this bubble bar and an exclusive product at Oxford Street and also released it in the kitchen for Easter. I managed to nab just one of these yellow creations. 

A lot of people think these are cute. But personally I find them a little strange looking. I mean it’s a ball that’s been squished down to what I can describe as a brain shape and eyes stuck on it. They aren’t a big bubble bar and when I used mine I made the decision to use it all. 

So from first smell I wasn’t overly impressed. A lot have said it’s a strong orange scent but personally I didn’t find it very strong at all. There was certainly a fruity smell to it but I really couldn’t pin point any specific scent. To me it also smelt a bit artificial, a bit like cheap soap. I know they were very popular but I don’t know why? Maybe because they were an exclusive product because the smell wasn’t all that at all. The eyes are actual white chocolate buttons with milk chocolate pupils. Now you can’t tell you have just melted buttons into your bath and it doesn’t add to the smell or experience of the bubble bar. Once it goes under the water the bright yellow quickly disperses. Your water will change into a florescent yellow colour. Even in the water in didn’t find the scent increase. 

Now as I say I used the whole tweet. It did create a lovely blanket of creamy bubbles. Not loads and loads like some other bubble bars do with just a tiny bit but they did feel lovely and soft. I did find the bubbles did leave my skin feeling very silky and that was really nice. Again the smell didn’t stick to me or fill my bathroom. 

There isn’t much more I can say regarding this bubble bar. It didn’t give me the wow factor or make me think I need them all but I did like it. 

Over all I would give this a 5/10 simply because of the Creamy bubbles. 

To watch the full video demo click  here.

You can’t but this bubble bar and more with it being an easter exclusive. But it may be back next year. 


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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