Yog nog bath bomb by Lush cosmetics!

Yog nog bath bomb by Lush cosmetics.

If your anything like me as soon as you see the name Yog nog you will know that this bath bomb is a seasonal product from lush. It’s a Christmas bath bomb which is only available around that time of year.

As you can see from the pictures this bath bomb is a thing of beauty. With its two layers, one of a pale orange and the middle a crisp white. It’s enhanced with a Christmas design. Although I have no idea what they are.

Now lush say this bath bomb is sweeter than dipping into your biscuit tin. And yes I do have to agree. It’s amazingly sweet. And I do love my sweet treats. Brown sugar, vanilla ice cream, nutmeg and toffee. It’s certainly somthing you would want to really sink your teeth into.

Yog nog is such a special bath bomb. You will notice as soon as it hits the water the orange and white mix together to make a bright yellow foam. This spills out from the sides and creates a sweet blanket of bubbles across the water. This bath bomb is a slow fizz. You can certainly take in its amazing smell and look as it bobs around the tub.

A minute or so in you will notice inside the bath bomb big chunks of Cocoa butter. These are placed perfectly inside each bath bomb to create the most luxurious bath. It certainly feels very special. Knowing your bathing in such splendicity. The Cocoa butter slowly melts into the water and in turn making your skin feel so soft. At first I thought it would cause my skin to feel slimy. As there is a fair amount of chunks inside. But I was pleasantly surprised that my skin felt like silk. Like I had had a £100 treatment at a spa!

This leaves your skin feeling super super soft. The Cocoa butter certainly works into magic. The scent also sticks with you for hours after and fills your bathroom. It leaves the water a yellow colour. Not the most attractive thing to bathe in but the colour of the water doesn’t take away the beauty of this bath bomb. I cannot wait for these to come back at Christmas time. 

Over all I would give this a 8/10.

If you would like to watch a full demo click  here  and this will take you to my YouTube channel. 

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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