Mandarin Sunset whoopie blaster. By Bomb cosmetics!

Whoopiieeee! I never knew what an actual whoopie looked like until I came across the American cake/sweet type product. I have never had one but I’d love to try one. So a whoopie blaster is the same as a bath blaster but just a different unique shape. I personally love them. 

I think they look so pretty and different. Each whoopie blaster is 140g and priced at £2.99. I think that that is a brilliant price for such a big bomb. They are very eye catching and brightly coloured. This is a beautiful blue and orange with little orange sprinkles on top and a shea butter cream in the middle. 

As soon as you smell this whoopie blaster the smell takes your senses away to a far away island of oranges and Mandarins. It’s beautifully zingy and fresh.

  • Orange sky at night, shepherd’s delight! You might not be a shepherd, but this zesty bright and buttery blaster will leave you thoroughly delighted! With pure orange and mandarin essential oils to leave you perky and refreshed. Energising zesty mandarin, fresh apples, green leaf and bright notes of yuzu open into an aromatic, floral heart of pretty orange blossom finishing with sweet coconuts. Place your Whoopie Blaster in warm water and watch as it fizzes rapidly releasing its fragrance and essential oils. 

As soon as this blaster hits the water the beautiful blue fizz instantly bursts out from the sides. Filling your water with a brilliant pale blue waters. These are again quite a fast fizzer but this doesn’t take away from the fact that these are certainly amazing blasters. The middle creamy shea butter slowly foams into the tub creating a wonderful nourishing layer of butter on top of the water. This in the middle is a fantastic idea. As you don’t need to purchase any melts or creamers separately.  

This is just the right amount to condition your whole body and leave it feeling super soft. As soon as you submerge yourself into the water the scent sticks to your skin. It fills the bathroom and lingers with you and in your home for hours afterwards. 

I have fallen in love with bomb cosmetic products. Probably as much as I love lush. 

Over all I would give this a 9/10! I wanted the smell to stick to me for longer. 

To buy this whoopie blaster you can click here. This will take you to the item on bomb cosmetics website. 

To watch my full demo of this whoopie blaster click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel. 

If there are any bomb cosmetics blasters, creamers etc that you would like me to review let me know. I am hoping to buy more bomb cosmetic products very soon so I can review it all.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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