CB’s Creations bath bombs.

OK so as I have previously said I love trying out brand new bath products. I especially like hand made small business bath bombs. As I have a small business myself I like to support others. 

Now I came across a page that somone had shared on a lush page. They were sharing a black bath bomb that this lady had made and I knew I had to have one to try out!!! 

Charlie is the creator of this small business and she also makes other items. Pop over on Facebook and take a look! 

So I decided to order 6 ace of spades bath bombs. I wanted a few scents and I wanted to make sure I had a good amount to actually review and experience. 

The order arrived yesterday and unfortunately they didn’t all arrive in one piece. I am not sure how long this lady has been making and selling bath bombs but they came in a bag. And sadly the bag had popped open and all but 2 of the bombs were dust. Also they weren’t ace spades. Now mistakes happen, I mean I have made a few so I messaged Charlie and she’s resolved the issues very well and will be sending my ace of spades bath bombs in a box on Monday!

So tonight I decided to pop one of the vanilla frosting bath bombs into my children’s bath. It smelt amazing. Just like vanilla on top of a cake. 

As you can see the large bombs are a large cupcake size. Not very thick but a good size. 

I placed it into the bath. Sadly it sank. Just hit the bottom and didn’t move. He smell was still beautiful though which was nice. Unfortunately it hardly fizzed. And I had to hold it out of her water to try and get its full fizz but this didn’t help. 

When it was fizzing away on the bottom of the bath it all kind of clumped together and only fully dissolved once I swished the water about. It didn’t produce any bubbles or foam. 

Sadly I didn’t like this particular bath bomb. I honestly don’t think enough testing has gone into making these bombs. They are brilliant for children’s baths. As kids love anything apart from water right? 

I do have 2 chewits and 2 Pomegranate bombs to use but I am letting the children have thoes. I am hoping the ace of spades bath bombs are a lot better than these original ones. Once they do arrive I will demo and review thoes. 

I feel awful leaving such a negative review. But with a bit more work I can see these being quite a good make. 

Overall I give this 2/10 (so sorry)

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here. This will then take you to my YouTube channel. 

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YouTube channel Lush Addict 


** these reviews are my own and not endorsed by anyone**


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