Raspmerry chuckle latte bath mallow by bomb cosmetics.

Raspmerry Chuckle latte bath mallow?
I suppose this bath mallow is supposed to make you merry and laugh? I have no idea.



So again this is the first bath mallow I have ever had from bomb cosmetics. And this one instantly caught my senses when I opened the box today. Wow it’s amazing. Definitely raspberry and definitely a Cocoa smell. To me it smelt like a raspberry Milkshake. I used this with the bath blaster in my first blog (jelly and custard) and this dominated the bath completely. As you can see its two beautiful colours all swirled together with again what I can assume is soap embedded into the top. They certainly look like mini cupcakes filled with buttercr



Twin piped peaks of raspberry ripple and double choc chip, buttery mountains leaving your skin smelling good enough to eat! Redolent with natural skin nourishing butters to leave your skin soft and supple, and pure frankincense and sandalwood to sensuously seduce.

Juicy ripe raspberries at the heart and creamy vanilla caramel to finish blended with the king of chocolate scents. This is filled with luxurious butters that certainly make your skin feel amazingly soft. I wouldn’t recommend using these a long side with a bath blaster that also has the creamer in the middle. It will leave you feeling rather oily and slimy. Simply too much butters all at once.

Once this is placed into the water again it doesn’t sink but it doesn’t stay still. It foams and melts around the bath swirly and creating a sea of nourishing oils to condition your whole b



It leaves behind a layer of oily foam which just sits on top of the water waiting for you to submerge your self into. The smell of this in the water is still beautiful. And I wish I had ordered loads!!!! In fact I may just order some more tomorrow as it’s currently on sale at £1.79 from £2.24. And it’s vegan!
Over all I would give this 8/10 it may slice it in half next time just to make it last another bath! It’s a shame to use them all at once and they are a bit pricey for the size.

To buy this bath mallow click here. This will take you to the Bomb Cosmetics website  (don’t forget they are on sale at the moment).

To watch a full demo of this bath mallow click here. And this will take you to my YouTube channel Lush Addict.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by bomb cosmetics **


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