Jelly and custard bath blaster from bomb cosmetics!

Ooo reminds me of a party. Jelly and custard.
This little beauty came today in my mini bomb cosmetics haul. I decided last week I wanted to branch out more into the world of bath products. But I wanted handmade items. Not mass produced….well…some are produced on a mass basis….so that doesn’t really make sense 🙈.  I wanted items that a machine hadn’t done all the work!
I bought 9 of their products from bath blasters to bath mallows. I will be uploading demos and reviews of each item as I use them.



So this is a lovely bath blaster but upon opening the box this morning this had to be one of the weakest smelling blasters out of all of the ones I have bought. Through the plastic 😠 (which they don’t need) I could hardly smell any scent at all. So my first impression wasn’t a good one. As you can see its a beautiful baby pink colour with a swirl of bath creamer in the middle with what looks like little swirls of soap embedded into it.


It’s a very pretty blaster and it’s one of the reasons why I chose it. Once out of her wrapper the smell does become more apparent. But it’s a slight sweet smell a bit like strawberry Milkshake with a hint of vanilla. Now the jelly part could of been strawberry jelly but I definitely didn’t get that thick, creamy, milky custard smell at all.

As soon as this hits the water it fizzes like mad. Beautiful pink foam bubbles away and then it dives to the bottom of the tub kind of sitting in the middle. It’s doesn’t fully sink but it’s doesn’t float….does that make sense?


It’s a relatively fast fizzer and doesn’t do anything special in the water. Apart from turning the water into the beautiful baby pink colour like the main part of the blaster. Once that has fizzed away the creamer centre slowly dissolved into the bath. Again it doesn’t float. Just kind of bobs around the tub.



With this i used one of the bath mallows and honestly I wouldn’t use a blaster with has the creamer in the middle and a bath mallow at the same time. It was far too slimy and oily after I had gotten out of the tub and I was kind of scared just in case I slipped over! If I hadn’t of used the bath mallow to the creamer inside the blaster was definitely enough oils and butters to nourish and condition your skin. My skin felt amazing after I had wiped off all the excess oils.


Obviously these aren’t as expensive as lush products and you kind of know why. Don’t get me wrong most of the items I got today smelt and looked amazing and I will definitely be buying again. But if your one like me who loves bath art and slow foamy fizzers these aren’t the bath blasters. They all look like fast fizzers to me….but I may be wrong as like I say I haven’t tried these before. And yes I do like them. This jelly and custard bath blaster is £2.29 and I would say it’s worth it. It could do with more of a jelly and custard fragrance to it but I am glad I bought it and tried it.
Over all I would give this 6/10. It need more smell!!!

To buy this bath blaster click here. This will take you to the Bomb Cosmetics website.

To watch the full video demo click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by bomb cosmetics **


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