Getting to know instalushlove!

I have just realised I have never introduced myself properly to all my lovely followers!!
So here is a little bit about me. And how you can contact me and follow me.

So from the beginning.

My name is Emma Jackson. I turned 30 in April this year and I have 4 children. I have a step daughter Izzy who is 11, Olivia who is 7, Charley who is 5 and Jacob who will soon be 4! Yes we are crazy but I love having 4 children. As much as it sends shivers down my spine some days I wouldn’t change it for the world.


I am married and I met my husband 10 years ago. We met in 2006 and was married in 2010! He is the love of my life and I truly met my solemate that day.
We live in Manchester UK. Stockport to be exact. I have lived here all my life. But in all honesty I want to live near the beach. Or somewhere hot!! I hate the cold and the rain.

We have two pets. A dog called Tia and a cat called phoenix. We have had tia for 8 years now and she is getting an old lady. Phoenix was a 30th birthday present off my husband and he is only 5 months old. They are both amazing animals. We did have another dog called buster. Sadly he passed away from cancer last August. It broke my heart. He was such an amazing funny dog.


I also run my own little business. I make 100% soy wax melts. Wax melts to place onto of an oil burner. Either a tea light or electric burner. The heat from the oil burner will melt the wax and an amazing aroma will fill your home.


We have a lot of fragrances in stock and we also have lush dupe fragrances. These are my best sellers. You can find us on etsy SecretScentsWaxMelts and on Facebook Secret Scents by JCreations. I will link both at the bottom.


I suffer from a few problems. One being fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Most days the pain in my body is extremely bad. Some days I can’t even walk. I also suffer with chronic migraines, disintegrated disc’s in my lower back and sciatica. But I push on. I live my life to the point where I can’t move the next day! This is where my love for lush comes in. I have only been a lushie for about a year now. It’s not a long time but I have become to know a lot and appreciate lush as a company. I had used a lot of self soothing through the the years and I had never managed to find somthing that worked so well.
I believe it’s all about the ingredients and visual effects. And lush certainly has this. There are a few products that works wonders with my pain. Like wiccy magic muscles massage bar, marathon bubble bar and 93000 miles shower jelly. Also intergalactic and twilight bath bombs.


I also love trying new bath bomb sellers. I generally love baths anyway and trying new products is a must. I am sure not every lush lover just uses lush? Right?
I also love a company called she makes amazing bombs and bars. I am also ordering from bomb cosmetics this week which I will be reviewing.


I got into blogging a few years back when I blogged about my PND experience. Unfortunately I haven’t yet finished thoes blogs as life simply got in the way but I am hoping one day in the future I can continue.
As everyone knows there are LOADS of lush blogs out there and you know what? I live reading everyone’s outlook on each item. I love finding out if somthing I hate why somone else loves it! The lush community is amazing and we all support each other!

So that’s pretty much me and my life!
I really hope everyone enjoys reading my reviews on these products as much as I love writing them.

Below are some links to my shops etc. And where to find me to contact me.

Instagram @instalushloveuk
YouTube channel Lush Addict.
My Facebook page here.
My Etsy shop is here.
My email address is
My business Instagram is @secretscents_waxmelts

Thank you for reading!



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