Mrs whippy bath bomb by Lush cosmetics!

Mrs whippy bath bomb by Lush cosmetics.

Ice cream!!!!!! I want an ice cream please!
As soon as I heard the name of this bath bomb it instantly reminded me of the traditional Mr whippy ice cream in a wafer cone with a flake and raspberry sauce! Oh how I’d love one right now.


This bath bomb was recently one from the lush kitchen. I hadn’t heard of this bomb
Until it was shown in their vote week. And I voted for it. And it was chosen! As you can see from the picture it looks almost good enough to eat. Just like the whippy ice cream with sauce.


It’s not a huge bomb but it’s a decent size. From the names of products we automatically assume that the smell should match. But it’s never always the case. When these first arrived in was initially shocked at what I smelt. It’s a beautiful scent but a floral smell. Yes floral. But with added vanilla and Strawberry. The ice cream element is there but somthing else over powers it.
That main ingredients in this are Cocoa Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Almond Essential Oil, Buchu Oil.  Me personally I feel that the buchu oil powers through this bomb. This element is an antiseptic and comes from south Africa. It’s a lovely sweet flower smell. It’s definitely not a horrid medical smell it’s very nice!

One this is in the water the tonka then over powers all of the other smells. The sweet vanilla extract fills the room and certainly takes you back to your childhood waiting for the ice cream van to play it’s music down your road. 

When this bomb hits the water beautiful creamy foam bursts out from the sides. You know this is going to be a lovely creamy indulgent bath.


This bath bomb doesn’t do anything fantastic in the water. It’s a simple bomb. With white and pale pink foam. It’s a slow fizz and takes around 5/7 minutes to fully dissolve. It doesn’t make bath art as it is simply the two colours. But it looks elegant. Simple and stunning.


A creamy foam layers the water. And as soon as you submerge yourself into the water your skin instantly feels amazingly soft. If you like bright and strong bath bombs this one isn’t really for you. The smell isn’t strong but it’s lovely. And it didn’t overly linger on my skin after the bath.

Personally I feel lush has done well with this bath bomb. It’s a special one and very unique. It could be part of their speciality range!
I completely fell in love with this bomb as soon as I saw it.

Over all I would give this a 8/10. I’d love the smell to be a little stronger and more like an ice cream.

Unfortunately you can’t buy this at the moment as it is a kitchen item. But keep your eyes out for it being released again. Every Friday at 3pm online lush release the kitchen menu for the next week.

To watch this bath bomb in all its glory click here. This will then take you to my YouTube channel.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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