Monster bath bomb by prettysudsuk!

Monster bath bomb by prettysudsuk.

“Arghhhhh” monster…….
So you’ve guessed it. I don’t only use lush products. I’d like to think a lot of lushies don’t just use one product from one business.
Being a small business owner myself I love to support other little shops. When I came across this shop I loved it right from the start. It’s called they are online, Instagram and Facebook.
Link to the website is here.

I have had a few items from this amazing shop. I have only ever bought the bath bombs and bubble bars. And the ones I have had are awesome. They smell and look beautiful.

My last order I received a bomb called monster. It’s a beautiful bright green and pink swirled bomb.



It certainly looks amazing and the smell is somthing fruity and fresh. A beautiful mix of strawberries, limes and blueberries. The smell instantly fills your bathroom as soon as you take it out from its wrapper.

Now I will be honest. With most handmade bath bombs I have found them a tad boring and fizz away far to quickly. But this beat my reservations.

As soon as it hits the water you know it’s going to be a lovely creamy slow fizz. The colours instantly burst and foam from the sides and fill the water with bright greens and pinks.


It certainly didn’t fizz fast. It was a beautiful slow fizz spilling out the fruity scent. It created gorgeous bath art and turned the water a stunning deep pink/purple colour.

This takes about 7 minutes to fully dissolve into the water. And you will notice near the end somthing hiding inside your bomb. See this is called monster for a reason. Inside each bomb is a unique little plastic monster. Not one is the same. Mine turned out to be a small yellow one. I have never see these types of monsters before so I have no idea if it’s off anything.



This is what makes this beautiful bath bomb unique. Very different from what I have used before.

Overall I give this a 8/10 just because I have no idea what the monster inside was!

To buy this bath bomb click here.

To watch the full video demo click here.

My Instagram @instalushloveuk
YouTube channel Lush Addict.



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