Instalushlove does LUSH TAG!


So I have been tagged to do the lush tag. What is the lush tag? Well it’s basically a picture somone has made asking people to name favourite items. Then they can tag friends/family/lushies etc who they want to play! These obviously aren’t just lush pictures and people create them with everything.

So here goes……


1. What’s your favourite lush product:
OK so I haven’t tried every single product lush make. Purley because I know I won’t like the smell or I have no use for it. So out of the items I have ever used my favourite product has to be heavenly bodies buttercream. This is 100% the best buttercream I have used.


2. What’s your favourite ballistic?:
OK so I have a few that I absolutely love. Some seasonal some regular line. People may think I am strange but some will agree. But my all time favourite is Yoga bomb. It looks very deciving from the outside. But once it’s in the water you will love it.

3. What’s your favourite bath melt?:
OK so I don’t use a lot of bath melts. I have found using a full melts at a time it makes your skin feel very slimy. But they are good for that extra nourished feel.
My favourite bath melt has to be you’ve been mangoed. Purley because of its smell. It’s awesome.

4. What’s your favourite soap?:
If you have read any of my blogs you will notice that I don’t use a lot of soaps. But I do have a selection few I love. My most recent favourite soap has to be porridge soap. The simplicity of it and all beneficial  properties you get from this soap is amazing.

5. OK this should be 3 whoops. What’s your favourite bubble bar?:
There are a lot of bubbles bars I absolutely love! A lot of them create beautiful creamy bubbles. My all time favourite has to be the Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar. This was the first ever bubble bar i bought from lush and it will most certainly be my favourite for ever!


6. What’s your favourite shower gel?: Let’s be honest can we really have just one shower gel that’s a favorite? I have quite a few that hit my top favourites for shower gels. Yuzu and Cocoa, sonic death monkey, beautiful, ponche… goes on and on. But if I really had to choose one it would have to be twilight SG. There is just somthing about this gel that gives it that little nudge to the very top.

7. What’s your favourite hair product?:
With out a doubt my favourite hair product is American cream conditioner. Nothing else can even compare to this product.


8. What’s your favourite limited edition product?:
Now as everyone knows lush bring out a lot of limited edition items. Especially around mothers day/father’s day/Halloween/Christmas. My all time favourite limited edition product has to be the amazing roller bath bomb. It’s pure beauty.


9. How many lush kitchen products have you had?: I can’t answer this unfortunately. Simply because I don’t have a clue! I only tend to buy the bath bombs and bubble bars from the kitchen along with an odd soap or buttercream here and there. But as for an amount I really don’t know.

10. How long have you been a lushie?:
Only about a year now. Not long at all. Definitely not as long as some lovely lushies I know.

That’s it! Lush tag completed!
I ask anyone who reads this to do it too. And enjoy!

Emma xx


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