Cyanide pill bath bomb by Lush cosmetics!

Cyanide pill bath bomb by Lush cosmetics. An Oxford Street exclusive.

What a strange name to give to a bath bomb?
I had never heard of this bath bomb until this year. I soon became aware that it was one of the exclusives you could only buy in Oxford Street. I managed to get hold of one when a lovely lady offered to pick one up for me.

Unfortunately it didn’t arrived in one piece. It broke in half! But that didn’t effect the bath bomb at all.


It’s quite a small bath bomb in comparison to the other bombs lush make. I was expecting a bigger shape.
As you can see its in the the shape of a pill with two different coloured ends. It’s
made from a collaboration of lemon, cedarwood, rosewood and almond oils, this exclusive beauty gives off an interesting aroma that reminds me a little of Smuggler’s Soul and All Good Things Perfume combined.
Don’t get me wrong, this bath bomb doesn’t smell like either of the above two fragrances, but there are definitely elements of the sweetness that you would expect to find in the latter perfume and elements of the woody, citrusy note that would you find in the former perfume.


As soon as you pop this into your tub it starts to fizz away at a rapid rate. Spilling out yellows, pinks, silver and white. Inside the yellow half is a vast amount of silver lustre. This all gathered on the top of the bubbles creating a very sparkly yellow foam. It doesn’t last long in the water. And it doesn’t overly give you amazing bath art. It does turn you water into a pale sparkly yellow. It also has popping candy in side. You can definitely hear the pops as soon as it touches the water.


I did enjoy this bath bomb but the scent wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s not a very strong smell. Also it didn’t do anything in particular for my skin. It didn’t feel softer or nourished using this bomb.


Honestly I won’t be buying another. I did enjoy it but it’s not a big exclusive product I feel anyone is missing out on. I don’t really have a lot of in depth information about this bath bomb. It’s nice but just way far off what I was expecting.

Over all I would give this a 5/10 half way.

You can only buy this from Oxford Street.

To watch the full video demo click here


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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