Sonic death monkey shower gel by Lush cosmetics!

Sonic death monkey shower gel by Lush cosmetics.

Sonic death monkey? What on earth possess anyone to call a shower gel that? The name alone put me off buying this when it was first released in the kitchen. But as they say never judge a book by its cover!!


Now from looking at it you would still be wondering why? Why would I want to use something that is brown and runny on my skin….now stick with me….
If you like coffee, chocolate and oranges this shower gel is a must!!!! To me it’s like slathering coffee chocolate orange all over your body.


So we have fresh ground coffee, Cocoa and hibiscus infusion, hemp oil, lime juice, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute. Can you imagine all of these key smells all mixed up? Oh try…because this is what this little bottle of wonderment smells like.

SDM isn’t released very often in the lush kitchen. It’s a very retro item. So when it does pop up its popular. Now I had never tried this or smelt this before and it didn’t grab me when I saw it. So i missed it in the kitchen. Until I saw comments about it. I saw that this scent was right up my street. I managed to find a bottle and I am so so happy I did. As soon as it arrived the smell hit me full force. And I instantly fell in love.

As you can see its not a very appealing colour but that’s the coffee answer Cocoa and hemp oil. Hemp oil is added to this as it gives your skin  moisture. It’s full of omega 3 and makes you feel wonderful. You will notice the oils can settle at the top so my advise would be to shake it before every use.


It’s quite a thin watery texture at first but once it’s been shaken it does thicken up slightly. A few people have said that this doesn’t really lather up. But in my experience it does. Not loads but you definitely get lovely creamy bubbles.
After using this shower gel you can definitely feel the difference in your skin. It feel super soft. And the scent sticks with you for hours and hours.


This is definitely a favorite shower gel of mine. And I really hope that lush bring this out again in the kitchen as I would definitely buy more!!

Over all I would give this a 9/10. Colour is strange!

Unfortunately you can’t buy this at the moment. You may be able to search for some on eBay or the lush selling groups.

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** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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