Sacred Lotus bath bomb by Lush cosmetics!

Oxford Street exclusive Sacred lotus. By Lush cosmetics.

Why oh why isn’t this a regular product everywhere? I am completely in awe that I finally managed to get one of these beautiful bath bombs. I never thought I would get to even try one!

Now I have never ever been to lush Oxford Street. It’s a dream of mine to go one day. A trip to London and spend the whole afternoon at the mothership. With three children getting the time to even get to my local lush shop is hard. But I will get there one day.

As you probably know Oxford Street have a few exclusive products that nowhere else get. It’s because the lush factory is in Poole  (up the road) so they have more sources to amazing items. And one of thoes amazing exclusives is the Sacred lotus bath bomb. If you have ever had one you will know why these can’t really be transported around the country. They are delicate. And yes they break so easy. But I was lucky. Mine didn’t break. A lovely lady offered to pick me up some bits from Oxford Street and this was one of them. I was very impressed that it didn’t break as my cyanide pill did…go figure!


As you can see from this first picture it’s still wrapped in cling film. And the reason being is because I broke it. Yes. I broke it when I put it into my storage box. One petal broke off. But I managed to place this into the bath without the petal coming away….yey!!
From first look the bath bomb is beautiful. Such a calming colourful item.


The scent of this is purely amazing. I was expecting a floral smell but it’s the total opposite. It’s a beautiful creamy vanilla, honey, sweet smell.  Lush claim that this product will allow you to ‘drift away on exotic waters’ and describe it as being very ‘mood-brightening’. And I have to completely agree.

As soon as this hits the water the purple petals burst out beautiful foam. The middle white creates frothy bubbles. As it sits on top of the water just like a lotus flower the colours swirl together. Once the water has reached the top it enters the middle and the amazing yellow top starts to release into the water.



The purple petals then start to break away. They continue to foam in their own little mounds in the water. he whole experience takes less than five minutes but it is a beautiful sight to behold. Once the ballistic has completely dissolved, you are left with a tub full of pale, pastel coloured water that glimmers and glistens in the light. Throughout the whole experience, you’ll also find puddles of white, silky foam that rest on top of the water and give you a lovely blanket to submerge under.


At first I was a little disappointed that the scent of this wasn’t as strong as I normally like in a bath bomb. However, I quickly realised that this is a product that has purposely been created to offer a subtle, gentle smell. Sometimes I get a little wrapped up in how strong a bath bomb should smell, forgetting how wonderful it can be to appreciate something a little more relaxing and not so ‘in your face’.

The bath art that is created with this bath bomb is awesome. There are some truly amazing pictures to be had.
Watching this dissolve into the water is a truly relaxing experience.


It also left my skin really soft and well-moisturised and I appreciated how relaxed and uplifted I felt when I exited the tub. Neroli is known for increasing serotonin production in the brain, which makes us feel contented and cheerful, and I can vouch that this bath bomb did exactly that.

While it may not be the most colourful in the tub, nor the strongest of smells, there is something rather comforting and wonderful about the look and general ‘feel’ of this product. Sacred Lotus is definitely not my favourite new release from Lush, but it is definitely one I would like purchase again in the near future.

Overall I give this 9/10.

You can only buy this at Oxford Street. So if your lucky enough to go buy them!!! You won’t regret it.

To watch a full demo of this bath bomb click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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