American cream conditioner by Lush cosmetics!

American cream conditioner by Lush cosmetics.

“My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. It’s betta than yours…..”
Well this conditioner is better than any other shop bought conditioner I have EVER had!

When I first started out with lush one of the biggest things I needed to do was repair my hair. Now I had been every colour you could think of. From purple, pink, red and so on. Then I decided to go back to bleached blonde. First few times I was so happy that my hair had survived and I still had my long beautiful soft locks.
Until around the 4th time of bleaching it. I was horrified to feel how dry and broken my hair had actually become. The ends were snapping, it was falling out and no matter what I put on my hair it was constantly dry. I needed something to get my hair back to the way it used to be!

Now first off I’d decided I needed to go back to my natural brown. So I used lush’s caca Brun henna hair dye. Now this stuff is awesome. I have reviewed it on my blog…go have a read!
As soon as I had done this i was so happy with the result. My hair had begun to feel like mine again.
Now I needed somthing to keep it that way.
Now as you all know lush have quite a few hair products and they all claim to do different things. If you can ask at your local store for samples or help if your not sure. I have tried pretty much all the solid shampoos (jason and the argon oil, HIWMH etc etc) but they didn’t help. My hair had just turned to straw. I had also tried a few different conditioners but with some advice from a friend she told me to buy a small bottle of America cream and I would never regret it.
And you know what she certainly wasn’t wrong!!


This is my 3rd bottle of this amazing product. I do still have some of my 500g left but I will never ever be without this now.
Firstly the smell. My word. The smell is somthing else. Lush do seem to think it smells exactly like strawberry Milkshake but me personally cannot get a Milkshake smell. The ingredients consist of vanilla pod infusion, fresh strawberry, organic oranges, vanilla absolute, clary sage oil and lavender oil.
You can instantly smell the vanilla. This is feel is the main scent you get as soon as you open the bottle. Then with undertones of the strawberry and lavender it gives it an amazing sweet/floral balance. Fresh strawberries help cleanse the hair, and are rich in vitamin C.
It’s a very very thick conditioner and you don’t need a huge amount to really feel the benefits. I will be honest I have used more sometimes than I need. If I feel my hair needs a good nourish I will treat it.


The fresh orange juice gives your hair extra gloss and since its acidity makes the hairs’ cuticles lie flat and allows it to reflect more light. To top it off, this contains soothing clary sage and calming lavender for your scalp.

I have quite thin hair so I generally use about 50p worth in the palm of my hand. Now if you do have thick hair obviously you will need to use more. I then massage I to my ends, routes and scalp and leave it to work it’s magic for a few minutes. 


I then rinse with clean water. As soon as it starts to dissappear from my hair you can feel the difference. The softness of my hair is beautiful. Now I did find it had to find the right shampoo for my hair also for this to work as well as it does. As I said earlier the solid shampoos I had tried just didn’t work so the conditioner didn’t help a lot. I now use trichomania shampoo with this conditioner.


That combination for me works wonders and I can honestly say I will never change the way I wash my hair now. Obviously I get samples of items I haven’t tried before so I will test and review them. But I think I will always go back to my amazing American cream conditioner.

With lush’s shampoos and conditioners they aren’t overly cheap. Especially the conditioners.
For 100g it’s  £4.75
For 250g it’s  £9.25
For 500g it’s  £14.95
For 1kg it’s  £25.50

For me that’s expensive. Especially when you can buy conditioner for £1 these days. But as with anything from lush your buying the ingredients that go into these items. The story behind it all. Your paying for quality. Which is somthing I will now never dismiss when it comes to my hair. My 500g bottle has lasted me 4 months so far and I still have some left so to me that’s well worth the money!!!

To buy this amazing conditioner click here and this will take you to the lush website.

Over all this gets a 10/10. My utter favourite!

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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