Melomint bubble bar by Lush cosmetics!

Melomint bubble bar by Lush cosmetics.

Do you remember vote week? Well lush released a few products for all us folk to vote for.
Basically which ever items became the most voted got a spot in the kitchen? Melomint was one of the bubble in the vote line up. I voted for it. It didn’t win.



This was made in the kitchen abut two weeks after vote week which I was happy about as I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I managed to nab 3! These were £3.75 for 100g.


As you can see it looks like watermelon. And with the name melomint you would automatically assume this bar would be a fruity, fresh, melon with a slight hint of mint. Well NO. Your wrong. I was wrong. Over all it looks amazing and in the wrapper it smelt good too. It’s quite a thick bubble bar and last night I only needed half of this and it created mounds of bubbles.


So as normal I broke my half off and popped it into my siv. As soon as the hot water hit the bubble bar my senses took over. My nose started to burn, my eyes were watering, this wasn’t what was supposed to happen!?!?
Wow this bubble bar is extremely over powering on the mint. I mean yes I knew it was going to have a smell of mint but it was that strong my eyes couldn’t cope!!!
With the peppermint oil,spearmint oil, cypress oil and flaxseed oil this just blew me away. And not in a nice way I am afraid. Lush claim that they’ve included the mint and cypress oils to de-stress weathered bodies and help to sooth tired and achey muscles. Although I find peppermint oil does help muscles I found this far to much. I like it teamed up with Cinnamon oil for my muscles.
They’ve also included chlorophyllin, which is really high in natural minerals and vitamins so your skin is left wonderfully soft and nourished.

When I got over the excessive minty scent I noticed that the little black seads in the red part of the bubble bar weren’t dissolving.


Ahh right they are actual seads!!! Now to me they don’t look like watermelon seads. They seem to small! They are in fact linseed’s. What they are I will never know.
It’s quite a soft bubble bar which made it easy to break. And I did like the mounds of creamy bubbles that did come from just half of this bar. The smell lingers for a long time. And makes your skin feel a kind of cold sensation. It does nourish your skin but it’s nothing another bar wouldn’t do.


It turns the water a rather delightful light red colour which I did like. Also the seeds in the bottom look like you haven’t cleaned your bath but it’s part of the overall effect. And you don’t notice them when your in the tub.


This is a very unique bubble bar. If you like strong minty products then this is definitely for you. I’d imagine it’s like the magic bath bomb  (I haven’t tried it because I have heard it’s very minty). With a name of melomint I didn’t expect to not like this bubble bar. Sadly I won’t be re buying and I will be selling the bar and a half I have left.

Overall I give this a 4/10. Sorry lush just not my thing!

To watch a full demo of this bubble bar click here. This will take you to my YouTube channel.

You cannot buy this now due to it being a kitchen item. But keep your eyes out if you would like to try it.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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