Wiccy Magic muscles massage bar! By Lush cosmetics!

Wiccy magic muscles massage bar. Lush cosmetics.

Wiccy magic? What is this some sort of magic bar?
No you might say BUT if you have ever used this for any type of muscle ache or injury then yes it’s magic.


Now I have had to use many a product on my muscles. Try and imagine that 9 times out of 10 every day, all day your muscles going into spasm. Your muscles aching you can hardly lift your hands. Your nerves shooting around your body making it feel like your being electrocuted. Well that’s me…plus more! I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of my condition but this bar saved me many sleepless nights.

This is obviously aimed at runners, gym goers, pulled muscles etc. It’s very much like deep heat. But better. Well in my opinion it’s better but some may not think that.

Wiccy magic muscles massage bar is a massage bar. It’s oval in shape and quite a chunky bar. This is currently my 2nd one and I am over half way through already.
But I have had this since mothers day this year so you don’t need to use a lot at once.

This bar is packed with organic Cocoa butter, jojoba oil, Cinnamon leaf and peppermint oil. On the top half of the bar there are organic aduki beans. These beans are there to be used on any hard to work out knots.


The smooth side can be used to gently glide across your body and the Cocoa butter will instantly melt with the heat. The smell of this is amazing. The Cinnamon and peppermint oils work together to stimulate the circulation to warm and loosen up stiff, achy muscles.

As I need this mostly on my lower back, hips and calf’s I usually rub on and then use my hands to massage in. As soon as this makes contact with my muscles the heat and warmth from the Cinnamon and peppermint oils instantly release some of the awful pain and tension. The only thing I don’t like about this bar is when it starts to break. Obviously you can still use it but the beans on top just fall out everywhere! I have heard you can plant these? Not sure on that though. But I got over the bean problem. This bar has a low melt point so as soon as it comes into contact with anything warmer than the bar it will start to melt. So if you can store this either in a dark place or even in the fridge. I store mine in one of the lush tins in a draw and this keeps it lovely and fresh.


These are priced at £6.50 for 70g. It may seem expensive but you honestly don’t need a lot to get good coverage. As you can see it is very oily….


I wouldn’t be able to move most days and nights without this bar and I’d give lush all my money to give me bucket loads of the stuff!!! I LOVE it!!! I recommend it to everyone.

Over all I would give this 10/10. My favourite massage bar.

To buy this bar click here.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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