Karma bubble bar by Lush cosmetics!

Karma bubble bar. Lush kitchen 2016.

So you may look at this bubble bar and think I have gone mad. This isn’t the karma bubble bar? It looks like a mini brightside!


Now this is definitely a karma bubble bar. The original karma. This is what it used to look like a while back. Until it got reformulated.
Karma is such a beautiful smell. The scent is both sweet and citrusy, and reminds me of those old-fashioned cola bottle sweets you used to get when you were little. Yet it is somehow quite a mature smelling fragrance, and one that wouldn’t go amiss on people of all ages.


I only ever use half of these bubble bars. But I did find with the new bubble bar i didn’t get a lot of bubbles at all and was quite disappointed. I was worried this would be the same.

This bar begins to work it’s magic immediately; filling your bath with mounds and mounds of beautiful, karma-scented, soft bubbles. As more and more bubbles begin to form, the water also begins to turn a beautiful mandarin-orange colour. It’s not as vivid a colour as other Lush bath products offer, but what it lacks in vibrancy, it more than makes up for in smell.


I also find using a siv really helps create more creamy bubbles. Then give it a good swirl around the tub! It’s a beautiful soft bubble bar so it’s very easy to break!
Some people say that this is a winter bubble bar, but I think it is versatile enough to be enjoyed all year round. In the winter, the spicy undertones and warm floral scents will help to soothe dry, broken skin and weary bodies; in the summer, the crisp citrusy fragrances will invigorate the skin and freshen up those that need a little waking up.
I absolutely love this bubble bar, and I recommend trying one.

I’d definitely buy this one again when it comes out in the kitchen again. I may even try the reformulated bar again very soon. As after all its haven’t yet done my review on it yet!

Overall I would give this 8/10. I’d love a deeper colour from this.

To buy the reformulated karma bubble bar click here. And keep your eyes out for this old bar coming out in the kitchen again!

To watch a full demo of this bubble bar click here.


** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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