Snowcake Shower gel by Lush cosmetics!

Snowcake Shower gel by Lush cosmetics.

Ooooft snowcake. This is a weird favourite for me.
Now there are two items that are made by Lush called snowcake.
The shower gel and the soap.

The soap is a seasonal product and is only available at Christmas. The shower gel is a kitchen item. So it’s very rare. Now from the name is was expecting this to smell like some sort of fresh cake! I was wrong.


The shower gel and the soap smell exactly the same and I will review the soap at another time but here are my thoughts on the shower gel.
Now I have heard a lot of people saying this smelt like marzipan. Now I hate marzipan. The smell the taste. Everything. I wasn’t expecting to like this at all.

But when I smelt it it reminded me of almonds with a sweet after scent. Marzipan is vile and this to me doesn’t smell like it at all. It’s a nutty sweet almond smell.

It’s a strange colour. Not quite cream and not quite white! It’s a plain colour no added lustre or anything.


It’s a thick creamy consistency and creates amazing lather. You certainly don’t need a lot at a time and it will last you a good while.

I have found with both snowcake items the smell lingers on your skin for hours! And I love it when that happens. I like to know that I smell awesome. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturised.


I found it very difficult to get my hands on a bottle of these as it’s a very popular product. Hopefully lush kitchen will re make it nearer to Christmas this year so everyone can stock up.

Over all I would give this a 8/10 just because of its strange colour.

Sadly you can’t buy this at the moment but keep your eyes out for nearer Christmas in the kitchen.

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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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