Milky bath bubble bar by Lush cosmetics!

Milky bath bubble bar by Lush cosmetics.

So this bubble bar is a regular line bar. But this is the first time I have ever tried it. Reason being is that the smell and sound of it didn’t really excite me.


You can buy these online and in stores everywhere. They are £3.75 each.
Now when somone says “milky bath” you instantly assume that your going to pour pure milk into a hot bath and end up bathing in hot milk! Yuk!
As you can see its shaped like a milk bottle and has a silver lustre top. Looks very cute and very fitting with the name.

Ingredients in this are Cocoa butter, orange oil, patchouli oil, olive oil and SKIMMED MILK!!! Yes this actually has milk in it!! They only use a small amount so thankfully you can’t smell milk or notice it in your bath.


To my nose this is a very fresh clean scent. A bit like a fabric softer smell with an added zing of citrus. The citrus really doesnt come through for me at all and it’s very powdery.

It’s a very soft bubble bar so it crumbled easy and when in my siv it disintegrated very quickly.

I have to say I didn’t use the full bar but just half. All honesty I wish I had used the whole thing. Half of this doesn’t create a lot of bubbles at all! Mine didn’t anyway. I even swished it all around the tub and yes I did get some bubbles they didn’t last long.

It turns the water a cloudy “milky” colour which I like.


Over all I would give this a 5/10. It’s OK.  Not a favorite and I don’t think I will re purchase. It would be good for children’s sensitive skin.

To buy this bubble bar click here this will take you to the product on the lush website.

To watch a short video of this bubble bar click here and it will take you to my YouTube channel.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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