You’ve been mangoed bath oil by Lush cosmetics!

You’ve been mangoed bath melt.
Lush cosmetics.

Since become a firm lush lover I had never even heard of bath oils/melts. Certainly not ones that look like balls of wax. These were a brand new experience for me.


Doesn’t it look weird? Like a dinosaur egg!
I first smelt this in the lush store and wow it smells amazing. Just like fresh mango. Perfectly sweet and fruity.

This particular melt is quite big. Bigger than some of the others I have used in the past.
Now be careful. As this basically melts with heat you can’t handle it for long. Don’t leave it somewhere warm. Keep it stored away until you use it. I wouldn’t advise to buy these in summer. Because they will just melt either before you get the home or way before your order arrives.

So I like to use these when my bath has ran. I use it before I pop my bath bomb in but after the bubble bar. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know!
All you need to do is pop it into the water.
Instantly the smell fills the bathroom. The hot water certainly makes this melt come to life.
It will then start to melt. You will see the beads of oil start to break away from the melt and dispers into the water.


This melt does take a while to fully dissolve. And it leaves a lot of oils on top of the water.
As this is made from mango butter, avocado butter, almond oil, lime oil, lemon oil and lemongrass oil there is a lot of oily residue.

Now I made a mistake with this bath melt. I used the whole melt at once. Now some people may prefer this but I did not. After a while in the bath I could feel my skin was overly oily. Very slippy and slimy.
I didn’t like it. There was no way I was washing my hair with the water.
I decided I would definitely need a shower after my bath. I had to get this oil off me. Once I’d had the shower my skin felt normal again. Softer and nourished and not slimy.

So my tip for this melt is to use half at a time. Don’t use a full one! It also left oily marks and green colour of oil all around my tub!


These are priced at £2.00 each and can be purchased from any lush store and online. Click here.


** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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