Instalushlove reviews So white bath bomb.

So white bath bomb. Lush Christmas 2015.

OK OK I love the lush Christmas range and managed to buy quite a lot of the seasonal items. I actually still have a few left.
But I never bought the so white bath bomb. And I will be honest I didn’t want to. Simply because it looked rubbish and I couldn’t smell what everyone else was smelling.


As you can see its just a white ball. Hence the name so white. I was just expecting nothing to happen.
It really didn’t appeal to me. But as I have started to review and try a lot more lush products I decided to give it a whirl. I managed to get one off a local page on Facebook so I paid a little under RRP.


Now from the first smell I couldn’t quite tell what it was. A lot of people have said it’s an apple smell. But I just couldn’t get any sort of sweet apple smell. To me it smelt floral. A weird floral. I really wasn’t sure on it at all.

When it’s placed into the water it instantly fizzes. White bubbles fill the water.


It was just that! Surly not. Every bath bomb i have had from lush have either been a show of colour or at least had something inside. This looked like it wasn’t anything special at all.
It’s a very slow fizz so the whole bath bomb takes a good 10 minutes to completely fizz out.

So after a few minutes something happened. I all of a sudden got a beautiful Crisp red jucey apple smell. Like I had just bitten into a hand picked fresh apple. Then slowly a pale pink colour started to foam out of the middle.


It wasn’t a lot of pink but the smell really surprised me. I really want expecting anything else apart from the floral smell I first smelt.

As this bobs about the pink got stronger and stronger. Beautiful creamy foam bubbled away on top of the water.


The smell increased too. It got sweeter and fruity and I fell in love. I didn’t want to because I had put off buying one for such a long time.

Once the white outer of the bath bomb had all fizzed away your left with a pink/purple ball of awesome.


Now I know why everyone adores this bath bomb.

As this is a seasonal bomb it won’t be available to buy until the Christmas stock is launched.

Over all I would give this a 7/10. The floral smell to start really wasn’t my thing.

To watch the full video demo click here.


** thesereviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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