Instalushlove’s top 5 bubble bars from lush

My top 5 bubble bars.

So I will admit it i love bubbles. Soft creamy bubbles. And which girl doesn’t? It’s nice once an a while just to use a bubble bar on it’s own or even a bath bomb on its own but put them together and you have the best bath!

Bubble bars is basically solid bubble bath. They come in all shapes and sizes. All different scents and textures.
Lush have a wide range of permanent line bubbles bars and a lot of exclusive and kitchen bubble bars. I will be honest I haven’t tried every bubble bar (yet) but don’t worry I certainly will! So below is my current top 5 favourite bubble bars. Some kitchen some regular.



How cute is this??? As soon as I saw this bubble bar i fell in love with it. Unfortunately this item was a mothers day exclusive. You could buy this in stores and gift sets. The smell is beautiful. A minty, strawberry and blackberry scent. Dependant on which part you use it turns the water a beautiful dark red/purple!



Just wow…look at thoes bright beautiful colours. I mean come on its just stunning. Orange, red and yellow all swirled together to create a beautiful summers sunset bubble bar. This is a big bar and priced at £4.95 which is a bargain as you can get at least 6/8 baths out of this beauty. It’s an orangey zesty bubble maker.



Please don’t be deceived by the look of this. It’s such a beautiful bubble bar. Spicy, earthy and herbal bubbles fill your bath. This was a kitchen item which came out a few weeks ago. A lot of people say it smells like Cinnamon bread but it does not! It creates soothing creamy bubbles that I could bathe in forever.



Simply magical. This was one of the first ever reusable bubble bars I bought from lush and instantly loved it. It’s a sweet candy/bubblegum wonderment. It’s to be held under the tap to create amazing pink foam or swished in the water. It creates lovely bubbles and you will end up smelling like a sweet shop! This is a Christmas item which is brought out around that season!



Just look at that!!! It looks and smells good enough to eat! Don’t…just please don’t!
Again this was my first bubbleroon from lush from the regular line. This is available all year round online and in stores. It’s  £3.75 and will last upto 3 baths. I love love love this simply because of the smell and creamy bubbles it gives. It’s like bathing in chocolate orange! It’s just scrumptious.

So they are my top 5 at the moment. With bubble bars it can change. Only because of the smells and bubbles they give off. I mean I adore the sunflower bubble bar and the flowering tea reusable bubble bar. But these just tip the top at the present.

If you would like to see lush’s full regular line bubble bars click here. They currently have the father’s day items too!


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** these reviews are my own and in no way endorsed by Lush cosmetics **


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